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Monsanto Vietnam: Engaging Youth to Power Up Sustainable Agriculture Development Featured Article

Attendees at the presentation

Clear and serious impacts of rapid population growth and climate change are causing nations worldwide to think increasingly about sustainable agriculture. The question of how the world can produce enough food in 2050 using only currently available arable land was discussed by agricultural experts and students at a seminar this month at Ho Chi Minh City Students’ Cultural Palace, co-organized by the Ho Chi Minh City Student Assistance Centre (SAC) and Vietnam Business Council for Sustainable Development (VBCSD).

Ly Huy Lam, VBCSD

The event included 300 students and representatives from news media. Also attending were Quach … Full Article »

National FFA Convention

Inventing A Solution to the Kudzu Problem, Is it Child’s Play? Featured Article

Asking a question like “why would a teenager spend time thinking about kudzu?” Makes me wonder if everyone reading this is familiar with the vine that takes over trees and acres of land throughout the south.

The vine was brought to the US as part of a US government trial in finding plants that would help curb soil erosion. But things went awry and well…. kudzu went out of control. For me, growing up Southern, kudzu was something we would see when we hit the road. I can remember playing games about what you could see in kudzu covered trees just … Full Article »

FFA Students Learn about Ag Business at Ohio Field Day Featured Article

By Sean Battles
US Commercial Team

Nearly 200 FFA members from eight area schools attended the annual FFA Training Day recently at Riker Farm Seeds, one of three Ohio DEKALB®/Asgrow® training sites.  The event featured learning stations on ag business and agronomics and was co-sponsored by Riker Farm and DEKALB/Asgrow.  This is the fifth year that Diane Zyski, District Sales Manager, has been a leader of the FFA training day.

“FFA Training Day is a great way to educate the younger generation about the many opportunities in agriculture,” Zyski said.  “Through programs like America’s Farmers Grow Communities and FFA Training Day, we … Full Article »

We’re in Good Hands with the Next Generation of Agriculture Researchers Featured Article

By Robert Fraley
Chief Technology Officer 

I was invigorated after speaking with more than 500 students and educators at Iowa State University last evening at the annual Norman Borlaug Lecture.  It was an opportunity for my fellow World Food Prize laureates and me to share some thoughts on the future of innovation in agriculture, but just as much a chance to see and hear what these students see as future needs and research opportunities.

Today’s students are, after all, the people who will be living with 2.4 billion more people than we share the planet with today.  They’ll … Full Article »

Proud to Support the South Dakota FFA Featured Article

Farmers will tell you that the farming business is about three things – hope, faith, and the future. We spend a lot of time thinking about the future, and the future of agriculture. And the future of agriculture, like the past and the present, is about people – young people. 

Recently, we provided some support for a building managed by the South Dakota FFA. The building is the Animal Nursery & Ag Learning Center at the South Dakota State Fair. Thousands of people toured the center, and, yes, they saw our banner and those of the other sponsors, but … Full Article »

Monsanto Fund: Focusing on the Future Featured Article

The Monsanto Fund is committed to supporting solutions that address education and community needs where our employees live and work. With more than 4,000 employees working at Monsanto’s headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri, there are many programs supported by the Monsanto Fund focused on educating our youth and giving them a better chance to succeed in life. 

A great example of this focus is City Academy. City Academy was founded on the mission to create a high-performing independent elementary school for committed families whose educational opportunities were limited by economic or geographical factors. City Academy stimulates intellectual growth while encouraging … Full Article »

Visiting with America’s Young Farmers & Ranchers

The baby boomer generation combined with smaller families and the lower birth rate has a lot of people aware of the “graying of America.” I saw a stat whizz past me yesterday on Twitter that pointed out that a majority of America’s farmers and ranchers are among the AARP target audience. And that we need to find more young farmers. Well, that’s the opportunity ahead of me this weekend as I get to attend part of the American Farm Bureau Federation’s Young Farmers & Ranchers Leadership Conference!

This will be my first time at the conference so I’m not sure … Full Article »

FFA: Nurturing Seeds Called Young People

My name is Greg Wildhaber, and I am the FFA Ag Sales coach from Dayton, Oregon. Four students from Dayton, a small farming town with one blinking light, are $1,000 richer because of Monsanto. And, also because of Monsanto’s continuous contribution to the FFA and Ag Sales Career Development Event, thousands of FFA students across the United States are enabled to start a career as salespeople in agriculture or many other fields.

The real life skills they learn when preparing for the Ag Sales Career Development Event, are invaluable to further themselves, as well as creating a career path for … Full Article »

A Young Alabama Farmer’s Lifelong Balancing Act

By Jillian

Very few college students look forward to waking up early on the weekends. Even fewer look forward to waking up to a day of manual labor in the humidity and in nearly 100 degree weather.

My fiancé, Jared Etress,doesn’t mind waking up early—or working.

Born and raised in Southeast Alabama, farming has always been a passion for Jared—it probably had something to do with the fact that he’s been riding in a tractor since he was two.

“I was riding with my granddaddy before I was big enough to walk,” explained Jared. “I guess I really started doing … Full Article »

Ag Education: It’s More Than Learning Where Chocolate Milk Comes From

By Megan

Megan (right) with Tyne and Jillian at this year's Illinois FFA convention.

Although I may not wear my FFA jacket as often as I did four years ago, I still feel the power of the blue and gold and the importance of agriculture education programs. Four years ago I was serving as the Illinois FFA State Secretary where I traveled over 33,000 miles in one year across Illinois promoting agricultural education and the FFA. Throughout my year in office, I was surrounded by many passionate and influential educators and business men and women who all cared deeply for … Full Article »