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Brazilian Journalists Visit with American Farmers Featured Article

In the spirit of sharing more information and fostering discussion with others around the challenges of producing food and the technologies that can help with this challenge, Monsanto Brazil invited reporters from the Brazilian newspapers Valor Econômico and Correio Braziliense, and the TV channel Terra Viva, to meet with farmers in the U.S., attend the Farm Progress show and tour Monsanto’s facilities.

“We want to have conversations about food and an open dialog about our products and the latest technologies that are going to help farmers produce more in a sustainable way. Plus, while farms back in their country … Full Article »

Agriculture in the News Featured Article

It’s rare these days when agriculture isn’t in the news – underscoring the importance of what happens in this most fundamental of global businesses. 

Here are a few of the stories that caught our attention in the past week, including a couple of our own. 

Biotech Cotton – Kenya 

According to The East African in Nairobi, Kenyan farmers will be able to grow biotech cotton by 2014, subject to approval by the Kenyan National Biosafety Authority. The Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI) has been carrying our confined field trials using Bollgard II cotton. 

Root Comparison Study – Drought-Tolerant Full Article »

The Benefits of GM Crops: The Studies Pile Up Featured Article

A number of recent studies and reports have continued to provide evidence that genetically modified crops provide significant benefits to both farmers and consumers. We’ve talked about some of them here individually, but the accumulation of evidence is impressive. 

The International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-Biotech Applications (ISAAA) reported that global biotech crops increased by 12 million hectares to 160 million hectare from 2010 to 2011, an increase of eight percent. The principal reason behind this growth, ISAAA says, is that “biotech crops deliver substantial, and sustainable, socio-economic and environmental benefits.” 

Field to Market’s National Report on Agricultural SustainabilityFull Article »

Agriculture Biotech Means More Yield, Less (Greenhouse)Gas

I have it on my long to-do list to start a series about yield and why it matters. I’ve made the point with some of my colleagues that although yield is a positive term for farmers, it doesn’t resonate much with the general public. That’s because 1) it’s primarily agriculture terminology and 2) our American culture has equated productivity and efficiency with a lack of quality and a loss of artistry/skill.

Yield matters for a variety of reasons, but one was illuminated this week in a new study released by Stanford Earth researchers: Increases in crop yields may slow the … Full Article »

Farmers Produce Record Corn, Soybean Crops

Corn being harvested during the 2009 season.

Big notes of “Thanks” and “Congrats” are in order for U.S. farmers.

On Tuesday, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service released its “Crop Production 2009 Summary.” This report highlights the USDA’s best estimates of what farmers produced during the 2009 crop year across several crops, including Monsanto’s core crops of corn, soybeans and cotton. I’ve pulled out the top 10 production states by crop and highlighted their crop stats below.… Full Article »