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Climate Change and Our Food: Global Perspective Featured Article

For most of us, climate change is hard to wrap our heads around.  We don’t see it in the daily weather report, even though the weather is more unpredictable these days.  It’s not apparent when we draw a glass of water or check items off our lists at the grocery store, even though it might be impacting availability of both fresh water and food.

Climate change is happening, though, and it’s posing new challenges that can impact our food supply and our quality of life.  Diplomats from around the world are discussing and debating potential solutions this week at the … Full Article »

About Business, Climate change, Actions and Agriculture Featured Article

By Gabriela Burian
Global Lead, Sustainable Agriculture Environment

“Climate change threatens irreversible and dangerous impacts, but options exist to limit its effects.”

That’s the headline on the concluding installment of the most recent report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), published just this past Nov. 2. And if ever there was a good news/bad news message, I think you’d have to say that’s it.

It was to try to find the opportunities for good news that Hugh Grant, our chairman and CEO, and I went to Atlanta in the first week of November for the annual meeting of … Full Article »

Strong Partnerships Vital to Driving Sustainablity Breakthroughs Featured Article

By Kerry Preete
Executive Vice President, Global Strategy

On Nov. 6, I attended the World Water Summit in London, an event hosted by The Economist for the purpose of bringing together representatives from the private sector, NGOs and governments to discuss challenges related to global water use.

I was proud to share with the attendees some of the work we’re doing at Monsanto to help farmers produce enough food to nourish a growing planet while also freezing the footprint of agriculture.

But at the same time, I left London fully aware that there is so much left to do in confronting … Full Article »

A Look Back at SXSW Eco Featured Article

This week a few of my Monsanto colleagues and I attended SXSW Eco for the first time. It’s a conference that brings together a variety of people who all touch environmental topics and being in the midst of all those perspectives was a pretty amazing experience.

SXSW always hosts events with engaged participants who want to discuss important topics, and Eco is no different. We decided to attend the conference this year because, like other participants, we want to participate in the dialogue that inspires action toward addressing important challenges in our changing world.

Throughout the week, I had the … Full Article »

World Water Week Featured Article

By Gabriela Burian
Global Lead, Sustainable Agriculture Environment

Together with my family, our dog and several of my colleagues, I assisted with cleaning up the Meramec River and vicinity in St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A., last week. One week later and more than 4,500 miles away from that river, I find myself in Stockholm, Sweden – again for water.

Most of the conversations that took place while cleaning in and around the Meramec River last week were related to workshops we are having in St. Louis. Workshops that focus on the challenge of cleaning what is already needed to survive and … Full Article »

Thinking About World Water Day

By Maggie Cole
Global Supply Chain Sustainability Lead, Monsanto

Did you know that a running faucet typically uses three gallons of water per minute? Moreover, did you know that agriculture uses 70 percent of the world’s fresh water supply? As we prepare to recognize World Water Day tomorrow, it’s important for Monsanto and its employees to think about all the ways we can be better water stewards at home and in the workplace.

As the Global Supply Chain Sustainability Lead (say that five times fast), I’m charged with helping Monsanto continuously improve its operational footprint. An engineer by trade and … Full Article »

Monsanto China Completes Fourth Green Village Project Featured Article

The fourth project of the Monsanto Fund China Green Village was completed Nov. 28, in which two villages in Henan Province, China were given access to clean water, exercise equipment and teaching aids for local elementary schools.

The U.S. $200,000 project, the fourth Green Village in the country, helped residents in Guangwu County, Zhengzhou, Henan Province, China address a number of needs.

The water supply system used in the villages was built in early 1980s. It fell short of demand in terms of water pressure and supply capacity because of descending water level and serious leaking of the original water … Full Article »

Monsanto Receives Gulf Guardian Award Featured Article

By Trey Cooke
Delta Wildlife & Delta FARM

Today I look forward to joining my friends at Monsanto as they are awarded the prestigious Gulf Guardian Award by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency later tonight at the Gulf of Mexico Alliance meeting in Tampa, FL.  Just like everyone else, our table in the reception hall will be filled with environmental advocates and those who are keenly focused on sustainability each and every day they go to work.  However, there will be a major distinction.  Those seated at our table are also from the agricultural sector.

Allied ag companies are working harder than … Full Article »

Hungry for Change Conference in Europe Focuses on Water, Food, Health and Biodiversity Featured Article

By David Carpintero
Monsanto Europe

Last month, the European Crop Protection Agency (ECPA) organized its second “Hungry for Change” conference in Brussels, bringing together nearly 250 people to discuss progress since the first Hungry for Change conference in late 2011. Representatives of key public, private, academic and non-governmental organizations engaged in discussions to drive forward development and understanding of sustainable practices.

A short plenary session was followed by four break-out discussions focusing on Biodiversity, Food, Health and Water. David Carpintero, Monsanto Corporate Affairs lead for Crop Protection in Europe and also co-lead of the biodiversity stream at ECPA, opened … Full Article »

A Reflection on the Water for Food Conference Featured Article

By Chandler Mazour
Gothenburg Water Utilization Center

As I reflect on the Robert G Daugherty Water for Food Conference held last week in Lincoln, NE, it’s difficult to boil my thoughts down.  There are so many challenges and opportunities with water, even if we’re only thinking of water for food.  For me, there are two key takeaways from the three-day, information-packed conference.

First, extension-type efforts to create and teach water efficient cropping systems will be critical in the future.  Second, and just as important, the emerging solutions on the ground, including those in development and those not even thought of … Full Article »