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GMA Contests Legality of Vermont Labeling Law Featured Article

Yesterday, the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) and several other trade organizations filed suit to contest the legality of the recently enacted mandatory GM labeling law in Vermont. This had been expected since May, when the GMA announced it was considering legal action.

Monsanto believes a state-by-state patchwork of labeling laws will create confusion and uncertainty for consumers, and additionally would force consumers to pay more for the food they need.  We support the food industry’s decision to challenge the legality of the labeling law in Vermont, and we also support the Coalition for Safe Affordable Foods’ (CFSAF) position that … Full Article »

We Said What in Vermont? Featured Article

A number of online reports – AlterNet and Organic Consumers Association, among others – have posted articles claiming that Monsanto “has threatened to sue” the state of Vermont if a GM labeling bill is approved. Wrong.

A few facts:

We have not testified on the bill in question, nor have we made any public statements.

A legislative committee held hearings about the labeling effort and invited a number of groups to provide their input. A representative from BIO, the industry trade group, did testify before the committee, and did say that the bill raised constitutional questions that would need legal … Full Article »