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Digging Into Vegetables from Seed to Supermarket to Saute Pan Featured Article

By Wendy Reinhardt Kapsak, MS, RDN, Monsanto Vegetable Seeds

“I just ate 400 tomatoes!” Eat tomatoes, we did…along with so much more. We had the pleasure to host a group of food and nutrition professionals who got “hands-on” at our Vegetable Seeds Research and Development headquarters in Woodland, California. As a food and nutrition professional myself, specifically as a registered dietitian/nutritionist now working in an agricultural company, I was so excited to share more about what we are working on everyday to make sure vegetables are not only available but also appealing to us all.

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tomatoes on the vine

An Afternoon with Meg & “Doug the Tomato Dude” Featured Article

A month or so ago, I spent a couple of days with members of our Vegetables team in California. It was a great change in pace from being in the office — having a chance to talk at length with people who spend their days looking for ways to improve fruits and vegetables for farmers and eaters like me. An added bonus was that I met Megan Brown, a sixth generation rancher from Chico, California that I’d been talking with on Twitter for more than two years. (See how happy we were to finally meet each other?) 

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Video: Sustainable Tomato Breeding Helps Meet Demand

James Frantz is a tomato breeder with Seminis, the Monsanto global vegetable seeds brand for open field crops. He gives us some background on the popularity of the tomato and how this popularity makes for challenging opportunities to help tomato growers meet constant demand by providing them the agriculture tools to grow consistent, sustainable products across various season and geographies.

Disease resistance is one of those important sustainable agriculture tools and Monsanto breeders are adapting products to match the unique growing conditions and disease pressures found across diverse regions.

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