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The Rookie Tractor Driver Featured Article

By Nick Weber
Monsanto Digital Team

As I eased into the padded seat of the John Deere® 3020 tractor with a four-row planter, I placed both hands on the steering wheel, more at 9 and 3 than 10 and 2, feeling nervous, excited and confident. Warren, my farmer host, hopped up on the wheel seat and quickly explained each part of the tractor.

There were four levers and a couple pedals on each side. On the right, a wide pedal wasn’t just one brake; it was for the left and right, whatever that meant. Warren pointed out the clutch on … Full Article »

More Sustainable Sweet Corn Featured Article

We recently welcomed local farmers to sell their vegetables at our Monsanto Farmers Market. Employees swarmed the campus to stock up on tasty favorites, including tomatoes, peppers and sweet corn grown from our seed.

By bringing together scientists, farmers and others, we developed sweet corn seed that can be grown with less impact on the environment.  This harvest season we visited Meyer Farm in Granite City, Ill., to show you how this vegetable is grown and provide helpful tips for picking the best ears for boiling, grilling or eating raw.

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Enjoying Sweet Corn Grown a Better Way Featured Article

Summer is in full swing – the kids are off school and days slowly fade into warm nights. One of our favorite tell-tale signs of summer is fresh sweet corn. Whether you’re enjoying summer picnics, barbecues or just a quiet dinner at home, sweet corn is a tasty and healthy addition to any meal. It has fiber and antioxidants that studies suggest may help reduce the risk of cancer, signs of aging and inflammation.

Not all corn can be enjoyed right off the cob like sweet corn. In fact, 99 percent of corn grown in the United States is field Full Article »

Are Monsanto’s Vegetable Seeds GMO? Featured Article

The answer is simple: the vast majority of the vegetable seeds that we develop and sell to farmers are not biotech/GMO.


Some might think that the $181 Million we spend annually in research and development for our vegetable seeds would no doubt go to developing GMO seeds, but actually well over 98% of that investment is focused on breeding for seeds that improve the quality and productivity of vegetables. That means great seeds for the farmers who grow great tasting, nutritious and affordable produce for you and me.

What do we do with that 2% or less that … Full Article »

Lining Up For Fresh Sweet Corn, GMO Sweet Corn Featured Article

Sweet corn season is a little bit later this year than usual but it’s probably beginning to peak in the St. Louis area. And Monsanto employees are really devoted to their sweet corn like most Midwesterners.

This week we’ve been celebrating sweet corn in a variety of ways. I’ll have to write about it a few times, but last week, we did something a little different on our headquarters campus — of course we picked the hottest day of the summer to do an outside event! We had a local farmer set up a farmer’s market for a few … Full Article »

Picking the Perfect Ears of Sweet Corn Featured Article

By Carly Scaduto
Vegetables Division

During a recent trip to the grocery store, I headed for the big bin of sweet corn right in front. It was crowded with customers just like me seeking the perfect ears of sweet corn. I think I have a leg up on the average consumer when it comes to picking the perfect ear of sweet corn because I have talked to several sweet corn farmers about what to look for. One of the first things I do is peel back the husk to make sure there aren’t any missing or damaged kernels. Damaged kernels … Full Article »

GM Sweet Corn: Three Reasons I Love It Featured Article

By Kenny Avery
Vegetables Division

One of the many reasons I like summer is for all the fresh and flavorful produce, especially sweet corn. As Monsanto’s Global Vegetable Business Lead, I’ve enjoyed some recent opportunities to taste our freshly-picked biotech sweet corn from our research fields. Not only does it taste great, but the environmental benefits of our biotech sweet corn truly makes it an outstanding product.

I want to share with you why I’m a big fan of our biotech sweet corn, and why I am thrilled our vegetable seed brand, Seminis®, is offering it to growers in the … Full Article »

Four U.S. Growers Share Their Obsession (for) Sweet Corn Featured Article

By Sean Battles
US Row Crops Communications

Looks great…Nice cob size and flavor nice color…Where did you get it?…If this is what GMO produces, maybe I need to re-consider a few things.

Grower Len Corzine in his field of sweet corn.

Last harvest, four growers heard those comments from friends, church members and neighbors.  The growers had planted, for the first time, Seminis® Performance Series™ Obsession II sweet corn.

Inclined to share their summer treat anyway, the growers decided to give away some sweet corn, this time, with advocacy in mind.   “Consumer education is especially important in areas where people are … Full Article »

Wagner family shucking sweet corn on their farm

VIDEO: A Farm Family’s Obsession is Sweet Corn Featured Article

This is my first summer living in the Midwest and although I had spent a lot of time in St. Louis the last several years, I didn’t really “get it.” Lots of things were familiar and the differences, well I didn’t spend much time on. Slowly though, I am beginning to appreciate the differences.

One big difference?

It seems like people here love sweet corn every bit as much as Southerners love tomatoes. Now don’t get me wrong, I have always loved the taste of sweet corn, especially when it was fresh from the garden. And I know many … Full Article »

“Sweet Corn Made Better by Science” Featured Article

Tim Burrack, an Iowa corn and soybean farmer and a member of the board of Truth About Trade and Technology, published a column in The Des Moines Register today on biotech sweet corn. 

“For the last few summers,” he writes, “I’ve set aside a small field for sweet corn, giving it a little extra attention because I donate the harvest to my church. The women use it for a big social event, deliver it to shut-ins and give it to the community. 

“So I put a little water on my sweet corn — just enough to help it beat … Full Article »