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Monsanto Vietnam: Engaging Youth to Power Up Sustainable Agriculture Development Featured Article

Attendees at the presentation

Clear and serious impacts of rapid population growth and climate change are causing nations worldwide to think increasingly about sustainable agriculture. The question of how the world can produce enough food in 2050 using only currently available arable land was discussed by agricultural experts and students at a seminar this month at Ho Chi Minh City Students’ Cultural Palace, co-organized by the Ho Chi Minh City Student Assistance Centre (SAC) and Vietnam Business Council for Sustainable Development (VBCSD).

Ly Huy Lam, VBCSD

The event included 300 students and representatives from news media. Also attending were Quach … Full Article »

Farmer Choice Key to Successful and Sustainable Farming Featured Article

By Daniel Kruithoff,
Managing Director
Monsanto Australia & New Zealand

Agriculture is once again at the forefront of the national conversation about Australia’s future prosperity. Having ridden the mining boom all the way to shore, sectors such as agriculture are being viewed as the next wave of economic growth.

Improved market access through free trade agreements will undoubtedly help drive demand for Australia’s high quality food and fibre, particularly among the booming middle class of Asia.

What is less certain though is the capacity of Australian agriculture to sustainably increase productivity fast enough to capitalise on the opportunity of becoming … Full Article »

More Sustainable Sweet Corn Featured Article

We recently welcomed local farmers to sell their vegetables at our Monsanto Farmers Market. Employees swarmed the campus to stock up on tasty favorites, including tomatoes, peppers and sweet corn grown from our seed.

By bringing together scientists, farmers and others, we developed sweet corn seed that can be grown with less impact on the environment.  This harvest season we visited Meyer Farm in Granite City, Ill., to show you how this vegetable is grown and provide helpful tips for picking the best ears for boiling, grilling or eating raw.

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World Business Council for Sustainable Development Featured Article

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) is a CEO-led group of companies helping to contribute to a sustainable future for business, society and the environment. It was formed in 1992 by Swiss entrepreneur and philanthropist Stephan Schmidheiny, who believed that business a role in both sustainable development and making contributions to a sustainable society. Monsanto is a member. 

The WBCSD plays a leading advocacy role for sustainable development. Its 200 member companies represent on business sectors and all continents, and they share best practices and innovative tools for sustainable development and related issues. 

One of the council’s cornerstone … Full Article »

Field to Market: The Keystone Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture Featured Article

Field to Market is a diverse alliance of organizations across the agricultural supply chain seeking to create opportunities for sustainable agriculture. Organized and facilitated by the Keystone Center, the initiative is aimed at creating sustainable outcomes in such agricultural areas as:

  • Meeting the needs of the present and improving the ability of future generations to meet their own needs;
  • Increasing productivity to meet future food demands;
  • Improving environmental impacts;
  • Improving human health; and
  • Improving the economic and social well-being of agricultural communities

In its most recent report (July 2012), Field to Market presented environmental and socioeconomic indicators for measuring … Full Article »