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Supreme Court Decision on Biotech Alfalfa – Who Wins?

The big news kicking off the week is the U.S. Supreme Court’s 7-1 ruling to reverse a lower court’s ban on Monsanto’s Roundup Ready alfalfa product. Media reports trumpeted Monsanto’s win:

Then, surprisingly, the Center for Food Safety issued a statement mid-day claiming victory. According to CFS, they are “celebrating” today the victory of a 7-1 … Full Article »

Colorado Farmers Can't Be (Sugar) Beet!

By Tyne Morgan

A Colorado sugarbeet field being harvested

Growing up around Missouri agriculture, I am very familiar with basic Midwestern crops – soy, corn, etc. That made my visit to Colorado to meet with sugarbeet farmers that much more exciting. A highlight of my trips is the amount of information and knowledge I gain about a particular area. This time I learned about a crop and an area I knew very little about.

After my plane landed, I went to Western Sugar; a grower-owned processing facility owned (a co-op). I was amazed to learn one acre of sugar … Full Article »