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Which is More Genetically Modified: Sugarcane or Sugar Beets?

By Santiago Navarro
Monsanto Molecular Weed Control Lead

Sugar, whether naturally in food or added to it, can be found in many food products. In 2015, the global sugar and sweetener market totaled roughly $106 billion, despite the political controversy over sugar that’s lasted more than 200 years.

Sugar first sparked discourse with the British blockades on sugarcane that prompted the search for alternatives, leading Napoleon to promote the study and cultivation of sugar beets during the Napoleonic Wars in the 1800s. Currently, about 20 percent of the world’s sugar production comes from sugar beets. But now a new … Full Article »

"Restarting the Green Revolution"

In the Wall Street Journal this morning, columnist Holman Jenkins Jr. writes about “restarting” the green revolution: “Food prices are up, and output and productivity are falling behind. Not enough attention is being placed on regulation-induced stagnation.” The column is behind the Journal’s subscription firewall, so to see the entire article thing you’ll need to be a subscriber. (Update: the column is now available here.)

Jenkins uses strong words to make a point. We believe that there is room for both biotech and organic crops, and that proper protections can be made. But his larger point — that there … Full Article »

Roundup Ready sugarbeets

Roundup Ready Sugarbeet Court Case Update

Roundup Ready Sugarbeets at harvest

Here’s the latest information on the Roundup Ready sugarbeet case. There was a hearing on Friday, Aug. 13.

At the hearing, Judge Jeffrey White of the U.S. District Court issued an order which states that harvest and processing of Roundup Ready® sugar beets and sugar beet seed crops planted before August 13, 2010 are not affected and may proceed without interference.The Court decided to vacate the deregulation of Roundup Ready sugarbeets and to return the product to the USDA for appropriate action for future plantings.

The Sugar Industry Biotech Council has a statement up … Full Article »

So Whats the Deal with Roundup Ready Sugarbeets?

Sugarbeet farmers are anxiously following every step of the litigation surrounding the deregulation of Monsanto’s GenuityTM Roundup Ready Sugarbeets technology to determine what it means for next year’s seed purchases.

Briefly for those that haven’t been following: in January 2008, the Center for Food Safety along with Organic Seed Alliance, Sierra Club and High Mowing Organic Seeds initiated legal action challenging the USDA’s deregulation of Roundup Ready sugarbeets. In September 2009, a judge ruled that the USDA would have to complete an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for Roundup Ready sugarbeets. The ruling focused on the process USDA used and … Full Article »