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Monsanto Fund, Maryville University Partner to Increase Diversity in STEM Fields Featured Article

Women, minorities, and those from low-income areas have traditionally been underrepresented in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields. Through a new grant partnership, Maryville University and Monsanto Fund will address this problem by sparking student interest in the career fields from an early age.

Maryville University has been awarded a one-year, $124,995 Monsanto Fund Grant for a new program called Children using Robotics for Engineering, Science, Technology and Math (CREST-M). The funding allows Maryville educators to create an innovative math curriculum for 3rd and 4th graders using LEGO WeDo robotics.

To continue reading, please see Maryville’s news releaseFull Article »

Monsanto Scientist, Technical Community Receive St. Louis Science Award Featured Article

The Academy of Science recently announced their 21st Annual Outstanding St. Louis Scientists Awards winners. Greg Heck, Ph.D., Expression Platform lead, and the Technical Community of Monsanto were awarded with the George Englemann Interdisciplinary Award.

The George Englemann Interdisciplinary Award recognizes outstanding achievements in science, engineering or technology that results from collaboration among two or more individuals across disciplinary or institutional boundaries.

The Academy of Science recognized Heck “for the development of world-class programs in genomics and enabling technologies, such as gene expression, suppression, and RNA-based technology, to increase crop productivity globally.” Due to his role as lead organizer, … Full Article »

#beredcrossready Featured Article

On Tuesday, about 100 Monsanto employees participated in a volunteer event with the American Red Cross – Greater St. Louis Region. The focus was assembling emergency preparedness kits, and the recipient organization is the Alliance to End Hunger. As Dick Clark, chairman of the board of directors for the Red Cross in St. Louis, said Tuesday in a post here, this kits can make a huge difference when people confront disasters and emergencies.

The event was livetweeted via Twitter, and what follows are some of the tweets and photographs.

@myharper0921:  #beredcrossready Getting ready to give back! pic.twitter.com/SHrDS3LUfT… Full Article »

American Red Cross and Monsanto Partner to Ensure Community Preparedness Featured Article

By Dick Clark
American Red Cross
Greater St. Louis Region

(Note: Today, Monsanto employees are volunteering to assemble preparedness kits for the American Red Cross.)

From single family fires to tornadoes, disaster can strike at any moment.  Planning ahead and preparing for emergencies can make a lifesaving difference.

American Red Cross Preparedness Kits ensure that during a disaster, residents have the items they need, and when they need them most.  Although a kit is a simple step to preparedness, a recent Red Cross survey showed that only 28 percent of American households have them on hand. We know in a … Full Article »


By Orv Kimbrough
United Way of Greater St. Louis

What would it take to create a culture of service, a culture defined by what we give, rather than what we get? I believe this is a culture worth pursuing—one which, in some pockets of the community, already exists – and if nurtured more broadly has the potential to transform and impact more lives.

United Way of Greater St. Louis, in partnership with stl250 and sponsored by Monsanto, is helping facilitate a culture of service by uniting all generations to make our region strong through one million hours of volunteer service … Full Article »

St. Louis, MO: A Leading Bioscience Center

By Donn Rubin
President and CEO of BioSTL

St. Louis, MO is a leading bioscience center. Donn Rubin, President and CEO of BioSTL explains why.

Donn Rubin, President and CEO of BioSTL

St. Louis is fortunate to have an extraordinary convergence of corporate, university, and entrepreneurial strengths in bioscience.  Coupled with the region’s straightforward professionalism, capital efficiency, and supportive and collaborative spirit, these assets set St. Louis apart as a leading bioscience center. 

St. Louis has long enjoyed an astonishing concentration of world-class scientists in medical and plant sciences, making it a world leader in academic and corporate bioscience research … Full Article »

Freedom to operate outside of the office Featured Article

By Stephanie Regagnon
Corporate Engagement

Last week I had the unique opportunity to speak to a group of professional women from across the bi-state region at the St. Louis Business Journal’s 9th Annual Women’s Conference.  It was my first year attending and it will not be my last. The day was action packed, full of energy and lots of great speakers.

I spoke to the largest group I have ever stood in front of and told a very personal story about a family tragedy that led to my mother spending four years in the federal prison system. As … Full Article »

What would happen if an organic farmer toured Monsanto? Featured Article

One of the things I think most surprises people about Monsanto and its employees, is the fact that we serve a wide range of farmers, including organic farmers. For some reason people think we are exclusively a biotech company but I’ve had the chance to visit several customers who have organic farms and several organic farmers have visited us. But this time, when an organic farmer visited, he decided to blog about it. The first few paragraphs follow but we encourage you to read the full post “An Organic Farmer Walks Into Monsanto…And This is What Happened” on Real … Full Article »

Respecting the Diversity in All of Us Featured Article

By Kristopher
Monsanto Finance

It’s been almost 24 years ago, but I can remember it like it was yesterday. I was riding along in the tractor with my father while he was doing ground work to prepare for spring planting. My mother was working; my sister in school. I didn’t have much of a choice but to tag long with my father at the age of five.

I specifically remember taking my favorite pillow with me as I adventured out in the field with Dad. That pillow was a great source of comfort while riding along in those bumpy fields. … Full Article »

Agricultural Science Gallery Opens Featured Article

By Brian Russell
Public Affairs

After more than two years of planning and construction, the Ernest Jaworski Agricultural Science Gallery at Monsanto’s Chesterfield Village Research Center has opened in a ceremony featuring Jaworski, Chief Technology Officer Robb Fraley, and Chief Executive Officer Hugh Grant.

Jaworski, a 1998 National Medal of Technology award winner and 41-year Monsanto employee who retired in 1993, was one of the driving forces behind bringing biotechnology to Monsanto.

His impact on Monsanto cannot be overstated.

“Ernie redefined the future of Monsanto and our technology,” said Fraley, during his remarks March 5 at the dedication.… Full Article »