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FFA Week: Cultivating Corn for the Future Featured Article

It’s National FFA Week, and recently, Monsanto welcomed 75 State FFA Officers from the U.S. into one of its facilities outside of Johannesburg, South Africa. As part of the visit, the State Officers learned about the Water Efficient Maize for Africa (WEMA) program. The program is a public-private partnership dedicated to increasing food security in Sub-Saharan Africa through the development and distribution of drought-tolerant and insect-resistant maize seed. Taylor Green is one of the State Officers who participated in the visit.

Cultivating Corn for the Future

By Taylor Green

The need to produce more food for more people is … Full Article »

Water Efficient Maize for Africa (WEMA) Featured Article

What if we could stop using Africa as an example of food scarcity and a non-existent agriculture infrastructure? This question is at the heart of our commitment to Africa.  That’s why Monsanto has been working to develop new technologies and seed that will help African farmers manage risk and ensure a more secure food supply.

The current food supply crisis in Africa has been well documented. But forecasters see something even more troubling on the horizon. As the population increases and climate change becomes a greater factor in food security, risk of hunger could increase up to 20 percent by … Full Article »

First-aid Training Helps Injured Boy Featured Article

By Brian Russell
Public Affairs

Driving her son home from soccer practice on July 30 in Pretoria, South Africa, Rhandzu Shiringani came upon a crowd of people gathered on the side of the road.

She stopped her car and exited to discover a 13-year-old boy bleeding with an open fracture of his leg after being struck by a hit-and-run driver.

“There were people, and I just wanted to stop and see what was happening,” said Rhandzu, a research associate in trait integration.

Luckily for the boy, Rhandzu had recently taken part in a first-aid training course at her Monsanto Petit … Full Article »

Clearing up Stories on Monsanto's South Africa Corn Crop

At the beginning of 2009, Monsanto learned that some of our farmer customers in South Africa were having issues with biotech maize they had purchased from us. What we found was that three of our white maize hybrids were experiencing a reduced pollination issue. In some cases, the variable pollination caused a reduction in the number of kernels. This issue directly impacted our customers and their ability to produce their crops.

A team of Monsanto employees traveled throughout South Africa’s corn planting areas to visit more than 400 farms, talk with farmers and determine the actual damage. Monsanto fully … Full Article »

Maize Production and South Africa

I’m Kobus Lindeque, the business lead for Africa. As some of you have heard, a few weeks ago we started hearing from some of our farmer customers about a pollen issue with three white maize hybrids grown in South Africa. In some instances, farmers experienced reduced yield. We’ve committed to reimburse the farmers for their lost yield.

This is an issue involving seed production that we will correct.

Yesterday, we posted a news release on our South Africa Monsanto Web site that provides an update. I’ve included a copy of that news release here for those who might be interested.… Full Article »