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Mojokerto Indonesia OTJS Team Shares Safety Culture with Communities and Farmers Featured Article

Safety is a strong value within Monsanto’s culture. It is important that our employees are trained to practice safety on and off the job. The Monsanto Mojokerto Off-The-Job Safety (OTJS) team in Indonesia shared several examples of how they prepare their employees, families, farmer customers and the local community members for safety preparedness.

Blood Donations: The team held four blood donations from November 2013- August 2014. A total of 223 participants registered, which equated to 193 blood donor packets.

FIRST Aid Kits for Home Emergency Preparedness: To increase awareness and preparedness of employees for any emergency situation at home, the team … Full Article »

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Safety is priority No. 1 for Monsanto’s seasonal workers Featured Article

By Al Henderson
Seed Site Manager, Grinnell, Iowa

Some people spend their careers in an office.  I’ve spent most of mine in a field.  For the past 30 years, I’ve managed our corn seed production site in Grinnell, Iowa.  That means every summer, I’m out in the field as our crews walk the rows to detassel corn plants.

For those not familiar with hybrid corn, detasseling is a critical step as we work to make the highest quality corn hybrids for our farmers.  It’s as simple as pulling the tassels out of the top of corn plants, and Monsanto typically … Full Article »

Monsanto Korea Conducts Safety Training Session for Elementary School Students Featured Article

On May 30, Kim Young Kyun, Senior ESH Technician for Monsanto Korea and Japan, provided a safety training session to local elementary school students near the Jochiwon R&D Center. This school, located in a rural area, has only 67 students.

The program focused on safety in the children’s daily lives, both inside and outside of school. Some of the components of the program included:

  • Vehicle safety that students should keep in mind on their way to school
  • Why and how students should sit with good posture and the importance of stretching during and in between classes
  • Field safety required
Full Article »

Glyphosate and Breast Milk Featured Article

El glifosato y la leche materna

All of us at Monsanto are consumers and parents and spouses and children and friends.  We take the safety of our products very seriously, and we’re committed to developing products that contribute to safe and nutritious food choices.  We’re proud of the excellent track record of the safe use of glyphosate products, and we believe it’s important to be transparent about the safety of our products. Moms Across America and Sustainable Pulse recently posted an article saying trace levels of the herbicide glyphosate had been found in three samples of mothers’ breast milk.  Academics … Full Article »

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GMO Safety: The Proof Is in the Numbers Featured Article

This week’s 2013 Global Biotech Crop Report from ISAAA highlights key milestones in adoption of GMO crops, as well as the expanding range of GMO benefits seen in both developing and industrialized countries.  The agriculture industry continues to make great strides in enabling safe production of nutritious food in a sustainable manner, and biotechnology continues to be a valuable tool in these efforts.

ISAAA’s report updates some of the most important numbers for all of us:  the numbers that demonstrate the proven safety record of GMO products.  The truth of the matter is, no food product has been more thoroughly … Full Article »

A Family Affair: Monsanto, Top Producer Take Farm Safety to Iowa Featured Article

By Sean Battles
U.S. Commercial Team

Monsanto, in partnership with a top producer, co-sponsored “Safety Days” in rural Riceville, Iowa, recently.  The Howard County Extension Farm event, featuring hands-on demonstrations and guest speakers who shared personal impact stories, brought farm and vehicle safety education to more than 450 local students and parents.  Themed “A Family Affair,” the event organizers reminded participants that safety issues affect all generations, and that parents and children alike should take an active role. 

The event also reminded the community – and perhaps the organizers, too – that the goal to expand safety awareness is a … Full Article »

First-aid Training Helps Injured Boy Featured Article

By Brian Russell
Public Affairs

Driving her son home from soccer practice on July 30 in Pretoria, South Africa, Rhandzu Shiringani came upon a crowd of people gathered on the side of the road.

She stopped her car and exited to discover a 13-year-old boy bleeding with an open fracture of his leg after being struck by a hit-and-run driver.

“There were people, and I just wanted to stop and see what was happening,” said Rhandzu, a research associate in trait integration.

Luckily for the boy, Rhandzu had recently taken part in a first-aid training course at her Monsanto Petit … Full Article »

Rounding Up the Evidence on the Safety of Glyphosate Featured Article

A recent study by Thongprakaisang et. al. published in Food and Chemical Toxicology suggested a connection between glyphosate and the growth of breast cancer via an “estrogen receptor signaling pathway.” Upon initial review, our scientists saw that the study findings were contradictory to the preponderance of evidence in the literature demonstrating glyphosate safety.  Because we take the stewardship of our products very seriously, we had a team of experts dig deeper into the study specifics as we do with all published studies relating to our products and technologies.

Here’s what we found.

First, while the title of the study … Full Article »

I’m Chris, and I feed my kids food made from GMO crops Featured Article

By Chris
Information Technology

In the run up to the March Against Monsanto, I, along with a few dozen of my colleagues, had our names and work phone numbers posted to the internet. Mine were probably lifted from a news release I distributed two jobs and seven years ago.

Predictably, this posting resulted in some calls.  Interestingly, the first two callers both mentioned my kids. The first asked whether I feed my kids foods made from GMO crops. Well, yeah. I eat these foods, and my kids eat these foods (and, yes, contrary to internet mythology, these foods are served … Full Article »