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Monsanto Provides Validated Test Method for GM Wheat to Regulatory Authorities Featured Article

Monsanto reiterated its full support to the U.S. wheat industry and regulatory authorities in the United States and wheat importing countries following the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s reported detection of the original Roundup Ready wheat trait, technically referred to as the MON71800 event, growing in a single unplanted field in Oregon.

Monsanto has provided a validated testing method for the original Roundup Ready wheat trait to the USDA, and, more recently, to government regulators in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and the European Union as requested. The method will provide these governments with the opportunity to precisely and accurately test for the … Full Article »

Farmers Learning from Each Other

I happened to be in one of the fields Johnny Dodson farms near Four Points, Tennessee with soybean farmers from the Midwest who came down south to see the issues on weed resistance that Johnny and his neighbors are facing.

Standing alongside a bus that’s pulled off the road to let people out into a cotton or soybean field is surely the way to draw attention. And although Johnny’s fairly humble about this sort of thing, he also knows he has a unique chance to help some farmers get more proactive on weed management.

He knows complacency is easy to … Full Article »

weed free soybean field

What's a Farmer to Do When Weed Resistance Threatens the Farm?

In a previous post, we learned a bit about Johnny Dodson and his Halls, Tennessee farm. In that post, things at the farm may have seemed idyllic. As he talked, the birds chirped and all seemed right with the world. But reality is, Johnny is in the epicenter of weed resistance. Having grown 30 crops (2011 is his thirty-first and he’s working to make it a success), Johnny says he has seen various weed shifts and challenges presented to him.

Johnny says he’s seen discussion of glyphosate-resistant weeds in the media and he certainly realizes resistance is a significant … Full Article »

wet field

Rain Delay Provides Weed Management Training Time

With the wet weather that’s crossing much of the middle of the country, farmers may be finding themselves in the field less than they would like. The progress that was underway has been stopped much like a rain delay in a favorite team’s baseball game. So, time normally spent on field work and planting is being spent indoors. I’ve talked to farmers who are spending time working on their websites, and others who are working on equipment in their shops. One other thing people may want to give additional attention to, is the farm’s weed management plan.

As we discussed … Full Article »

An Update on Roundup Ready Patent Expiration

Recent articles (see here, here and here) have discussed patent expiration for Roundup Ready® soybeans. In light of these articles and ongoing interest in the subject, the timing seems right to remind readers of our post-patent plans.

The last Monsanto-owned patent for Roundup Ready soybeans will expire in 2014, and the last applicable third-party patent will expire in early 2015. That means independent seed companies will no longer owe trait royalty payment to Monsanto beginning in 2015. Farmers will have access to a generic trait offering beginning in the 2015 planting season.

Monsanto has had numerous discussions … Full Article »

Reflection on Earnings

On Wednesday morning, I sat with my coffee cup in hand and listened via Webcast to our CEO Hugh Grant talk with investors and analysts about Monsanto’s second quarter earnings. At the same time, I had my Tweetdeck and Google Reader up to scan and follow the latest comments from our farmer customers. It was refreshing to hear what our execs said in that call, because it matched what I’ve been seeing online from our customers.
What Monsanto executives said yesterday—including CEO Hugh Grant—was the result of feedback they picked up from meeting with farmers across the U.S. for … Full Article »

Monsanto Plans for Roundup Ready® Soybeans Post Patent

The world’s most widely adopted biotech trait, Roundup Ready® soybeans, is set to go off patent soon in the U.S. – the last applicable Monsanto-owned patent is expected to expire in 2014. Although it’s still several years off, we’ve been discussing our thoughts about a post-patent environment for the past several years. These discussions culminated in communications with our seed licensees at the American Seed Trade Association annual meeting, held the first week of December.

As the company that first introduced biotech soybeans to the market, we’re also the first company to deal with figuring out what to do … Full Article »

Keeping Farming in the Family

I called Dave Morris to learn about his farm and dealer operations. He returned my phone call from his tractor. This season, the weather won’t wait. If you get a few good days, you grab them and hit the fields – a story that’s still being repeated all over the Midwest and central plains in the U.S.

Dave and his family live in southeastern Minnesota, farming corn and soybeans. His two brothers and two nephews farm as well. And Dave is a second-generation DeKalb dealer.

“My dad Gene started the dealership in 1988,” he says. “He called it Morris & … Full Article »