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I Hated Science in School. Now, Understanding It Is Part of My Job Featured Article

By Nick Weber
Monsanto Corporate Engagement

I hated science classes in grade school and high school. In grade school, I was more concerned about perfecting spitball techniques than learning the Periodic Table. When our science fair projects were discontinued, I might have been the happiest kid in the school. In high school, dissecting the fetal pig was gross. When it came time as a senior to choose between Anatomy and Physiology or Physics, I chose the former because it seemed easier (I still hated it; had to dissect another pig and the teacher threw in a cow’s eyeball for fun). … Full Article »

CTO Robb Fraley at K-State Featured Article

In January, Monsanto Chief Technology Officer Robb Fraley was the inaugural speaker in the new Henry C. Gardiner Global Food Systems Lecture Series at Kansas State University. Here, he talks with K-State Radio Network’s Eric Atkinson on meeting world food demand in the coming decades, the role of biotechnology, and the importance of company / university partnerships.

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The World Food Prize – One Year Later Featured Article

By Dr. Robb Fraley
Chief Technology Officer

Somehow, some way, a year has passed since I was awarded the World Food Prize with Mary-Dell Chilton and Marc Van Montagu.  For me, the experience in Des Moines will always stand out as a career pinnacle.  But more important, it helped reset the discussion about the use of new tools and technologies in feeding a growing planet.

That reset started with the simple, fundamental fact that the three of us were chosen for the award.  In selecting the scientists who helped pioneer biotechnology, the World Food Prize made a bold and unambiguous … Full Article »

Our Adoption Story Featured Article

By Robb Fraley
Chief Technology Officer

As we near Father’s Day, I often think of those really important topics of discussion you have when you and your significant other are getting serious — the topic of “kids.” My wife Laura and I had talked about adoption as a great way to eventually add to our future family. It was a strong possibility in the back of our minds as we moved forward with our wedding and new life together.

As newlyweds, we spent our first two years in San Francisco where I was doing my post-doc work and Laura worked … Full Article »

Dr. Robb Fraley Calls for Continued Agriculture Innovation at Borlaug Centennial Celebration Featured Article

World Food Prize laureate Robb Fraley outlines population growth and climate change challenges, highlights potential of emerging technologies to safely boost food production.

Norman Borlaug, the father of the Green Revolution, is widely credited with advancing agriculture to save 1 billion lives. While celebrating Borlaug’s legacy this week, Monsanto Chief Technology Officer and 2013 World Food Prize Laureate Robb Fraley outlined the need for continued innovation to feed a population that is expected to grow by more than 2 billion people by 2050.

Fraley addressed members of the global agriculture community today at the Borlaug Summit on Wheat for Food Full Article »

Robb’s veggie-lover ham and cheese frittata Featured Article

Just in time for our favorite winter sports watch parties, our Chief Technology Officer, Robb Fraley, offers up a delicious way to incorporate vegetables into a ham and cheese frittata. Enjoy!

His recipe features a variety of tasty vegetables developed by Monsanto, including BellaFina baby bell peppers, Beneforte Broccoli, and Zima tomatoes.

Also, check out Robb talking vegetables and his frittata in this Better Show cooking segment.

Ham and Cheese Frittata
Start to Finish: 25 minutes


6          eggs, slightly beaten

1/8       teaspoon kosher salt

1/8       teaspoon black pepper

1          cup diced cooked low-sodium ham (about 5 ounces)… Full Article »

Livetweeting #FJForum13 Featured Article

Monsanto Chief Technology Officer Dr. Robb Fraley spoke at the Farm Journal Forum 13 in Washington, D.C., this morning, talking about science, the regulatory and social landscape, innovation, and the need to produce more food.

As is common at any agriculture meeting (or any meeting, for that matter), a number of people in the audience tweeted Dr. Fraley’s remarks, and they captured the essence of what he said. (AgWeb also published a story about Dr. Fraley’s speech: Fraley: Technology Will Be Key to Feeding World’s Population.)

Here are some of the tweets:

@AgProudRyan: @RobbFraley, @MonsantoCo EVP and … Full Article »

Our 2013 Corn Rootworm Efforts: Technology Leads the Way Featured Article

By Robb Fraley
Chief Technology Officer

Western corn rootworm

Technology has played a key role in helping society progress over the years. Technology, through human innovation, tackles society’s toughest challenges, whether it’s disease, poverty, energy or hunger. It provides both short- and long-term solutions in improving our global community.

For decades, Monsanto has been innovating to help farmers grow more food more efficiently, effectively, and safely.  We’ve spent a lot of time talking with farmers, but we haven’t done as much as we should to clearly share the stories around our innovations with the general public.

For example, take the … Full Article »

Science Magazine Names Monsanto a Top 2013 Employer Featured Article

Science Magazine has recognized Monsanto as one of the world’s top employers.  In news released today by the publication, Monsanto ranked #14 in Science’s 2013 Top Employer survey. The survey spotlights the 20 best companies in the biotechnology, biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, and related industries as well as the characteristics which make them great places to work.

“We’re pleased to be recognized by Science as a great employer,” said Robb Fraley, Monsanto’s chief technology officer. “Our company’s winning culture is based on innovation and the incredible talent of our employees around the world, whose focus is providing farmers the tools they need … Full Article »

A Science Pioneer’s Journey in Agriculture Featured Article

Dr. Robb Fraley grew up on a farm in Illinois. There, he developed his love for agriculture and his desire to help science make farming easier for farming families. His dream of combining science and agriculture first came to fruition in 1996 with the commercial launch of Roundup Ready® soybeans – a product he developed along with three other Monsanto scientists and an effort that led to them receiving the U.S. National Medal of Technology in 1998.Today, as Monsanto’s executive vice president and chief technology officer, he’s responsible for the products in our R&D pipeline. Today, Secretary of State John Full Article »