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Breeding Station Bangalore Team Campaigns for Road Safety Awareness Featured Article

The Indian Ministry of Road Transport and Highways recently celebrated National Road Safety Week. The Monsanto Breeding Station in Bangalore, comprised of Vegetable R&D and Row Crop breeding teams, contributed to this event by leading a road safety awareness campaign. The local vehicular traffic—relatively high on this narrow route winding through hillocks with several blind curves—consists of both four and two-wheeler traffic. Due to the difficult terrain and lack of disciplined driving, many serious collisions typically occur on this road.

All employees, including the leadership team from MBS Bangalore, organized a unique campaign on two and four-wheeler driving safety. Employees … Full Article »

Mojokerto Indonesia OTJS Team Shares Safety Culture with Communities and Farmers Featured Article

Safety is a strong value within Monsanto’s culture. It is important that our employees are trained to practice safety on and off the job. The Monsanto Mojokerto Off-The-Job Safety (OTJS) team in Indonesia shared several examples of how they prepare their employees, families, farmer customers and the local community members for safety preparedness.

Blood Donations: The team held four blood donations from November 2013- August 2014. A total of 223 participants registered, which equated to 193 blood donor packets.

FIRST Aid Kits for Home Emergency Preparedness: To increase awareness and preparedness of employees for any emergency situation at home, the team … Full Article »

Children of Monsanto Indonesia Employees Create a Road Safety Calendar Featured Article

Traveling is a need for everyone; unfortunately the number of road accidents can be high. Road accidents are the third leading cause of death after coronary heart disease and tuberculosis in Indonesia (World Health Organization, 2012).

Children and young people are at significant risk. Road safety education plays an important role in shaping the attitudes and behaviors of children, young people and adults – ensuring they become responsible drivers, passengers, pedestrians or cyclists.

The Monsanto Indonesia marketing team wanted to teach safety awareness to employees, their families and stakeholders. The team emphasized the need for safety by compiling a 2014 calendar titled “Safety begins from Home.” With this … Full Article »

Monsanto’s Stake in Road Safety Featured Article

What began in 2002 as a comprehensive global vehicle safety program for Monsanto’s business drivers has broadened in scope, making road safety a component of Monsanto’s commitment to corporate social responsibility.

While attention to road safety by most companies stops where their direct influence ends, Monsanto is among a select number of enterprises that understand driving is likely an employee’s riskiest daily activity. Monsanto views road safety as an aspect of employee well-being, community outreach and global sustainability.

Monsanto’s recognition of road safety as a global imperative is supported by predictions made by the United Nations. From a worldwide perspective … Full Article »