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Inventing A Solution to the Kudzu Problem, Is it Child’s Play? Featured Article

Asking a question like “why would a teenager spend time thinking about kudzu?” Makes me wonder if everyone reading this is familiar with the vine that takes over trees and acres of land throughout the south.

The vine was brought to the US as part of a US government trial in finding plants that would help curb soil erosion. But things went awry and well…. kudzu went out of control. For me, growing up Southern, kudzu was something we would see when we hit the road. I can remember playing games about what you could see in kudzu covered trees just … Full Article »

A Perfect Fit: Monsanto’s Beachell-Borlaug International Scholars Program and Me Featured Article

By Sarah Battenfield
MBBISP Scholar
Kansas State University

Wheat farming and cattle ranching are my family’s business.  Some of my first memories involve going to our wheat field in Oklahoma and riding the combine with my dad.  From a very early age, I helped my grandmother cook for the harvesters in the field, and as soon as I could reach the pedals, I helped move equipment and operated tractors and combines.

My father wanted me to go to college and pursue any other career because, honestly, farming is hard.  He told me to remember the hard days of manual labor, … Full Article »

Transferring Knowledge to the Developing World Featured Article

Our experience with innovation from working on our core crops of corn, cotton, canola and soy have applications that can be transferred to address critical food sources in other parts of the world, especially Africa. Our people have shared technology across multiple crops and countries along with expert technical advice. We have also partnered with public research centers to help improve yields and pest resistance of staple crops that are critical for certain areas of Africa.

Virus Resistant Cassava

Cassava is one of the most important staple food crops for more than 200 million sub-Saharan Africans. In the East African … Full Article »

Monsanto Completes Expansion at Vegetable Seed Research Headquarters Featured Article

Monsanto announced today the completion of a $31 million expansion at the company’s vegetable seed research headquarters in Woodland, California.  The expansion, which included the building of a 90,000 square-foot state-of-the-art laboratory and office building, makes the location Monsanto’s primary site for molecular breeding of vegetable seeds.  The expansion, unveiled today during a special open house, also makes Woodland’slab the largest of its kind in the world for vegetable seed health testing.

“The space and resources this expansion brings to Woodland will allow us to increase our research and help farmers everywhere grow more new, exciting products for the world’s … Full Article »

Monsanto Beachell-Borlaug Scholar: I am the future of agriculture Featured Article

By Renata Ahlert
Monsanto Beachell Borlaug Scholar

As a scholar since 2010, it is an honor for me to represent Monsanto’s Beachell-Borlaug International Scholars Program (MBBISP). One of the many special opportunities the program has given me is the chance to meet and talk with world leaders who are focused on fighting hunger through improving agriculture, similar to what my MBBISP colleagues are doing during International Food and Agribusiness Management Association (IFAMA) this week.

When I was at the 2013 Chicago Council Global Food Security Symposium recently, I was able to meet with Monsanto president Brett Begemann, Maurico Antonio Lopes … Full Article »

Missouri: “A Leader in the Biotechnology Industry” Featured Article

Yesterday at the International BIO convention in Chicago, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon and  Monsanto Executive Vice President Jerry Steiner announced a $400 million expansion plan for the company’s Chesterfield Village Research Center. Here is the text of the governor’s remarks and statement, including comments by Steiner and St. Louis County Executive Charlie Dooley:

Missouri’s strength in the bioscience industry sector received a significant boost today, as Gov. Jay Nixon announced a major expansion by global industry leader Monsanto. Monsanto, a pioneer in bioscience and sustainable agriculture, plans to invest more than $400 million at its Chesterfield Village Research Center … Full Article »

Monsanto Announces $400 Million Expansion at Chesterfield Research Center Featured Article

Monsanto Company today announced plans to bring together its St. Louis-based  industry-leading research and development team on one campus when it completes a more than $400 million expansion at its Chesterfield Village Research Center.  The company plans to begin work this summer and expects to add 675 jobs across St. Louis County over the next three years.

Monsanto plans to add 36 new greenhouses, additional offices and laboratory space as well as additional plant growth chambers to facilitate development of its seed and trait pipeline.  Greenhouses and plant growth chambers, which can be programmed to represent any climate around the … Full Article »

Monsanto Brazil Inaugurates Research Site in Petrolina Featured Article

On Monday, Monsanto Brazil opened a new research facility in Petrolina (State of Pernambuco), aimed at accelerating development of technologies for corn, soybeans, cotton, sorghum and sugarcane in the country.

The research station occupies 4337.5 square meters of constructed area. Initially, the center is focusing on incorporating biotechnology and breeding to crops such as corn, and conducting research for evaluation and development of new hybrids and manufacture of seeds. In the future, other crops of Monsanto’s portfolio in Brazil, such as soybeans, sorghum, cotton, sugarcane and vegetables, can be worked at the site with programs similar to corn.

Petrolina has … Full Article »

A Career in – Botany? Featured Article

We received a comment Monday from a student asking a question about the blog post on the Monsanto Beachell-Borlaug International Scholars Program. This was the comment:

“It is my second year in the school of molecular and life sciences, and I would like to take botany as my major course. But the problem is that I don`t know much about botany. Would you please tell me about it, and what kind of a job I would be doing?”

We asked three of our people in the Technology organization to answer that question. Here’s what they said.

Glenda:  “Being … Full Article »

Monsanto’s 2013 Research Pipeline Update Featured Article

Last week, Monsanto announced its 2013 update for our research pipeline. A record 18 projects are advancing across the company’s breeding, biotechnology and improved agronomics platforms.

The projects include corn rootworm; above-ground insect protection for corn; insect-protected soybeans; next generation Bollgard cotton; herbicide tolerant wheat; Dicamba-, Glufosinate- and Glyphosate-tolerant corn; Goss’s Wilt resistance in corn; root know nematode resistance in cotton; BioDirect Technology virus control and insect control; and nematicide chemistry, among others.

In addition to the 18 project advancements, Monsanto has three projects in its Ground Breakers® on-farm testing program. Ground Breakers®, a testing program that informs the company’s … Full Article »