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Our Innovation Pipeline: The Window to the Future of Farming Featured Article

By Dr. Robb Fraley
Chief Technology Officer

Mother Nature is always changing, and those changes often threaten the crops that we depend on for food and clothing.  Whether it’s migrating insects, new strains of diseases, or a changing climate, our crops are constantly under siege from new and changing dangers.

What do we do about it?  We do what mankind has always done:  we improve and we innovate to overcome challenges and improve our effectiveness. 

Monsanto’s innovation pipeline is an ongoing example of innovation in agriculture.  To effectively meet the needs of the farmers who keep food on our … Full Article »

Monsanto’s 2014 Research Pipeline Update Featured Article

Yesterday, Monsanto announced the 2014 update for the company’s research pipeline, noting that a record 29 products had advanced and five of those headed for the commercial marketplace. The advances included products across all platforms, including breeding, biotechnology, and new technology areas such as Integrated Farming Systems and agricultural biologicals.

This infographic depicts the update. More information on the products and advancements can be found at A Window into Agriculture’s Future: 2014 Research & Development Pipeline at Monsanto.com.

Full Article »

A Science Pioneer’s Journey in Agriculture Featured Article

Dr. Robb Fraley grew up on a farm in Illinois. There, he developed his love for agriculture and his desire to help science make farming easier for farming families. His dream of combining science and agriculture first came to fruition in 1996 with the commercial launch of Roundup Ready® soybeans – a product he developed along with three other Monsanto scientists and an effort that led to them receiving the U.S. National Medal of Technology in 1998.Today, as Monsanto’s executive vice president and chief technology officer, he’s responsible for the products in our R&D pipeline. Today, Secretary of State John Full Article »

Missouri: “A Leader in the Biotechnology Industry” Featured Article

Yesterday at the International BIO convention in Chicago, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon and  Monsanto Executive Vice President Jerry Steiner announced a $400 million expansion plan for the company’s Chesterfield Village Research Center. Here is the text of the governor’s remarks and statement, including comments by Steiner and St. Louis County Executive Charlie Dooley:

Missouri’s strength in the bioscience industry sector received a significant boost today, as Gov. Jay Nixon announced a major expansion by global industry leader Monsanto. Monsanto, a pioneer in bioscience and sustainable agriculture, plans to invest more than $400 million at its Chesterfield Village Research Center … Full Article »

Monsanto Announces $400 Million Expansion at Chesterfield Research Center Featured Article

Monsanto Company today announced plans to bring together its St. Louis-based  industry-leading research and development team on one campus when it completes a more than $400 million expansion at its Chesterfield Village Research Center.  The company plans to begin work this summer and expects to add 675 jobs across St. Louis County over the next three years.

Monsanto plans to add 36 new greenhouses, additional offices and laboratory space as well as additional plant growth chambers to facilitate development of its seed and trait pipeline.  Greenhouses and plant growth chambers, which can be programmed to represent any climate around the … Full Article »

Here for the Bees Featured Article

By Jerry Hayes
Beeologics Commercial Lead

The Apiculture/ Beekeeping Industry is recognized as a small industry – vital, important, but small.  Not very many companies want to get involved in it as many times research and investment are expensive, with little immediate return that can be projected. Generally beekeepers go to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), universities or private industry looking for help. Sometimes it comes but most of the time it doesn’t. 

Now we have a company committed to ag R&D that acquired Beeologics. They know nothing about honey bees, right? 

Actually, they do. Monsanto knows that honey … Full Article »

It's Coming Up Cotton in Texas

It sits on the Llano Estacado, the “staked” or “palisaded” plains in the southwestern U.S., one of the largest mesas on the continent. Spanish conqusitadors roamed here; a number of native American peoples like the Apaches, the Comanches and the Kiowa lived here.

It is Lubbock, founded in 1876 and named for a Texas Ranger. It’s the birthplace of rock and roll singer Buddy Holly, the country music group The Flatlanders, and actor Chace Crawford, among others. It is a city proud of its university, Texas Tech, and the Texas Tech Red Raiders have been playing college football since 1925.… Full Article »