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Digging Into Vegetables from Seed to Supermarket to Saute Pan Featured Article

By Wendy Reinhardt Kapsak, MS, RDN, Monsanto Vegetable Seeds

“I just ate 400 tomatoes!” Eat tomatoes, we did…along with so much more. We had the pleasure to host a group of food and nutrition professionals who got “hands-on” at our Vegetable Seeds Research and Development headquarters in Woodland, California. As a food and nutrition professional myself, specifically as a registered dietitian/nutritionist now working in an agricultural company, I was so excited to share more about what we are working on everyday to make sure vegetables are not only available but also appealing to us all.

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Keeping Your Salad Safe and Tasty: Proper Care of Your Salad Ingredients Featured Article

By Wendy Reinhardt Kapsak, MS, RDN
Monsanto Vegetables Division

Wendy Kapsak Reinhardt

As the weather warms up, my family tends to switch up our meal routine by skipping the stovetop and instead, going for more produce. One of our favorite summer entrees is a colorful, hearty salad brimming with fruits and vegetables. Each week, the three kids and I scamper through the supermarket’s produce aisle and load up on our favorite vegetables – from crisp leafy greens to snackable tomatoes and sweet corn. We also look forward to seasonal fruits including peaches and strawberries – some flavorful favorites!

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