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The Data Revolution Will Help Us Bring Carbon Neutrality to the Farm Featured Article

By Robb Fraley

From communications and finance to entertainment, transportation and nearly every other industry, the data revolution has been rapidly reshaping the way we live.  And now, it has come to the farm.

Its arrival could turn out to be among the most significant of all. Because the data revolution in agriculture will do more than reshape the way we live – it will help us to grow food more sustainably.

That’s because it will help us deal with the very serious threat posed to the global environment and farmers all over the world by greenhouse gas emissions.  … Full Article »

Detasseling allows one line of corn to fertilize the other, producing a high-yielding hybrid, and prevents the plants from self-pollinating and ruining the hybrid line.

Precision Agriculture: News Roundup Featured Article

It’s hard these days to read an agricultural trade publication and not see a story about what’s called “precision agriculture.” This new approach is about systems integration – taking soil science, field science and data analysis, and then using precision equipment in a farmer’s specific fields. Technology is allowing for a kind of “mass customization.”

The benefits are numerous, including being able to target specific fields for the exact amount of inputs needed, promising better yields and potentially reducing costs.

Monsanto calls this Integrated Farming Systems, or IFS. The first product from this new platform is FieldScripts for corn. … Full Article »

Agriculture in the News Featured Article

It’s rare these days when agriculture isn’t in the news – underscoring the importance of what happens in this most fundamental of global businesses. 

Here are a few of the stories that caught our attention in the past week, including a couple of our own. 

Biotech Cotton – Kenya 

According to The East African in Nairobi, Kenyan farmers will be able to grow biotech cotton by 2014, subject to approval by the Kenyan National Biosafety Authority. The Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI) has been carrying our confined field trials using Bollgard II cotton. 

Root Comparison Study – Drought-Tolerant Full Article »

News on FieldScripts Featured Article

At the Farm Progress Show in August, Monsanto provided background on and plans for the company’s new precision agriculture program, called FieldScripts, the company’s first product from the Integrated Farming Systems (IFS) platform. Since then, there have been a number of reports in agricultural trade press about the program. 

CropLife noted that Monsanto is set to launch a pilot test of the program in 2013. 

An article in AgriNews explained how Monsanto is bringing “science and technology together to position every seed for success at the right population.” 

Greenbook posted a video of Dr. Robb Fraley, Monsanto’s Chief Technology … Full Article »