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What is a Plant?

By Qi Wang
Monsanto R&D IT Strategy Lead
Senior Science Fellow

Imagine a manufacturing plant entirely self-managed by software – billions of lines of code – and the plant is completely sustainable.

Self-managing because the plant could develop its own architectural blueprint, set its own foundation in the ground, raise its own buildings with hundreds of units.  Sustaining because it could switch tens of thousands of manufacturing processes on and off based on supplies and environmental conditions, and when the products are finally made, it would shut itself off.  Oh, by the way, every part of the facility is bio-degradable … Full Article »

Seed Processing Expands in Hungary, Romania and Turkey Featured Article

Ribbon cutting ceremony in MKL, Turkey

Monsanto this month held inaugural events to mark the expansion of its seed processing plants in Hungary, Romania, and Turkey. More than 1,000 Monsanto employees, local and national government officials, contractors, suppliers, growers, farmers and journalists attended the inauguration events.

The events also highlighted a significant improvement in the environmental profile of our seed production plants with the introduction of corn cob burners that will cut our production-related energy bills and carbon emissions in half.

The events kicked off in Sinesti, Romania on Monday, Nov. 4. The $32 million investment will produce an additional … Full Article »