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Intern in the South Featured Article

By Guy V., Student Ambassador & Summer Intern

A suitcase, a pair of boots, a hat and a plane ticket are all I have needed for my task way down south in Lubbock, Texas. This is my home for the next twelve weeks, and I aspire to build  strong relationships with the local farmers. I was told as soon as I got here that if I say, “ya’ll” and remember to say, “yes sir” and “yes ma’am”, I would do just fine and fit right in. Adding in just a touch of a southern accent doesn’t hurt too!

I am … Full Article »

Video: Managing Glyphosate Resistant Pigweed – A Success Story

Field days are part of the rural landscape. There are various sorts throughout the summer and for me, they are just getting started. A field day is an opportunity to get a number of people together in one place to see how things are done on a research plot or farm. My first field day of 2010 wasn’t one hosted by the company, it was a University of Arkansas field day at Sid Fogg’s farm in Widener, Arkansas.

The photos contrasting weed issues in 2009 to the control successes in 2010 grabbed people’s attention when the extension service developed a … Full Article »

Roundup-Resistant "Superweeds" In the News

It's a bird, it's a plane, no, it's SUPERWEED!

There was a story today in the New York Times (“Farmers Cope with Roundup-Resistant Weeds”) about glyphosate-resistant weeds, or as the headline states – Roundup-resistant weeds. (Glyphosate is the active ingredient in Roundup. Its success has made the two interchangeable similar to the case of facial tissue and the brand name Kleenex).

This is the second story in recent weeks about “superweeds,” as the mainstream media has sensationally dubbed the weed resistance issue.

Overall the NYT story talks about the positive contributions of biotechnology on weed control—increase in no-tillFull Article »