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Talking with Filipino Students on Sustainability & Careers Featured Article

Cherie Ocampo, Monsanto Philippines Human Resources

Monsanto Philippines employees recently spoke with 700 college students from the Mariano Marcos State University (MMSU), one of the top state universities in the Philippines. The seminar, “Monsanto & the Work that We Do,” focused on sustainability, food, partnerships and career building.

Members from the Monsanto Philippines Leadership Team talked with MMSU’s students and faculty members on the challenges and solutions to achieve global food and agriculture sustainability; the role of farmers, better seeds, plant biotechnology products and crop management practices to produce better food using fewer natural resources; the need for new partnerships … Full Article »

Expanding the Boundaries of Collaboration Featured Article

By Hugh Grant
Chairman and CEO, Monsanto

The power of collaboration can’t be underestimated.  Nor can the importance of events that serve as catalysts for bringing together new and unlikely groups, like the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI).  We at Monsanto are looking forward to being part of the CGI’s annual meeting in New York Sept. 21-Sept. 24, and to exploring opportunities to further our efforts with others to address some of society’s greatest challenges. CGI has a unique operational model for a nonprofit.

Instead of pursuing projects on its own, it facilitates action by helping members connect, collaborate, and make … Full Article »

A Better World for Our Children: World Environment Day 2014 Featured Article

By Gabriela Burian
Global Lead, Sustainable Agriculture Environment

If you have kids, like me, you’re probably concerned about their future. And doing everything that you feel is possible to help them to have a better world. Today is the World Environment Day, a good opportunity for reflection and perfect timing to reinforce environment causes that we care about.

Just as every child deserves access to nutritious food, every generation deserves a planet with enough resources to meet their needs. I feel blessed to be in a position to work toward both of these important goals, at a company that … Full Article »

Feeding the world hinges on relationships and partnerships, not just technology Featured Article

Hugh Grant and The Economist’s Emma Duncan at the Feeding the World 2014 Conference in London

By Caroline Emde
Monsanto Europe Public Affairs

Technology isn’t the limiting factor in feeding a growing population, participants at The Economist’s Feeding the World conference said in London Thursday.

Technological solutions to dramatically increase farm productivity already exist, with even more under development, and range from more widespread use of high-yield hybrid seeds, to irrigation and use of fertilizers, among others. Instead, speakers pointed to different challenges in feeding the world:  insufficient rural development, education and organization to effectively support millions of smallholder farmers; … Full Article »

Transferring Knowledge to the Developing World Featured Article

Our experience with innovation from working on our core crops of corn, cotton, canola and soy have applications that can be transferred to address critical food sources in other parts of the world, especially Africa. Our people have shared technology across multiple crops and countries along with expert technical advice. We have also partnered with public research centers to help improve yields and pest resistance of staple crops that are critical for certain areas of Africa.

Virus Resistant Cassava

Cassava is one of the most important staple food crops for more than 200 million sub-Saharan Africans. In the East African … Full Article »

My Life with Sustainable Agriculture Featured Article

By Raegan
Environment, Safety & Health 

Sustainable yield – those two words didn’t have meaning or make much sense to me prior to 2007. That year, I began working at Monsanto as a communications specialist.  I, a true city girl who had never visited a farm or ever planted anything – not even a flower.

So when I asked my manager for a project to help me learn more about what our company does, he placed me over communications for this new, developing concept – the Sustainable Yield Initiative.

At this point I learned two things: 1) Be careful … Full Article »

World Water Day: Highlighting Cooperation Featured Article

Today is World Water Day, sponsored by the United Nations to highlight the important of water for people, for agriculture and for industry in general, with a special emphasis on cooperative efforts to preserve water resources. Events are planned around the globe.

Water is absolutely critical for the success of agriculture, which consumes about 75 percent of the total freshwater consumption. It takes a lot of water to grow food, and considerable research is underway to develop ways to use less water for food production – and still produce the food that’s needed for a growing world population.… Full Article »

External Organizations & Initiatives – Part 1 Featured Article

Monsanto has always maintained a close relationship with farmers, initially in the U.S. and increasingly in all corners of the world. 

We are dedicated to understanding farmers’ needs and helping them meet the challenges they face in their efforts to increase production, maintain soil quality, limit use of water and other scarce natural resources, adhere to increasingly stringent environmental standards, and, individually and collectively, move forward along the path of sustainable agriculture. 

In particular, we are focused on the issues faced by farm families on a global basis. Our numerous stakeholder engagements around the world underscore our various commitments on … Full Article »

Brazil Partners to Provide Cancer Prevention for Impoverished Women Featured Article

Every year, approximately 10,000 Brazilian women die from breast cancer and 4,000 succumb to uterine cervical cancer. Eighty-five percent of those deaths may have been avoided with early detection. In Camaçari, an area in Brazil with more than 186,000 people, poverty contributes to poor health conditions. Monsanto’s Ana Viana led an effort to help Camaçari’s manufacturing location find a way to help these impoverished women. 

“Statistics from the Brazilian Ministry of Health state that women over 40 are more likely to develop breast and cervical cancer,” Ana Viana, Monsanto Brazil’s Community Affairs analyst, said. “The Women’s Health project’s objective is … Full Article »

Feed The World

The Hunger Games: A Real World Life and Death Battle Featured Article

Last week, I had the absolute pleasure of spending time and having some deep conversations with some amazing people from a variety of walks of life. The conversations were incredible, focused on sustainability and the difference people can make in the lives of others, and these men and women were inspiring.

Nick Aster, CEO of TriplePundit.com, Marsha Diamond with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Dr. Jim Carrington, head of the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center, Roger Johnson of the National Farmers Union, Jonathan Berger with the Consumer Goods Forum, Andre Guimareaes of Conservation International BrazilFull Article »