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I am a Monsanto Collaborator Featured Article

By Jesus Madrazo
Vice President, Corporate Engagement

The world faces a lot of big challenges today – climate change, feeding another 2 billion people in the next three decades, and protecting the environment are just a few. Solving those big problems will require debate, dialogue, diversity of opinion and lots of people working together. Reasonable people can and should disagree about how to solve those problems – that’s healthy.

But there’s a big difference between healthy debate and demonizing people you disagree with.  Personal attacks don’t move any of us closer to solutions.  To the contrary, those attacks make it … Full Article »

Another Incorrect Report from Natural News

Last Friday, the online publication Natural News, published by Mike Adams, the “Health Ranger,” got caught up in a mistaken internet report on Monsanto supposedly leaving the United Kingdom. The publication eventually had to post a correction. You can read our report here.

Today, Natural News has another incorrect report, claiming that the FDA is not requiring labeling of the “latest chemical sweetener from Monsanto,” neotame.

A simple search of Monsanto’s web site would have found the statement that Monsanto sold its sweetener business in 2000.

Or, if you don’t want to believe us, you could have … Full Article »

The Story That Was and Wasn’t

It’s Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2012. You’re doing a Google search on genetically modified crops in Europe. One of your search results is from the U.K.’s Daily Mail web site – an announcement that Monsanto is closing wheat breeding stations in the United Kingdom, France, Germany and the Czech Republic. You look at the article’s date: Jan. 31, 2012.

If you oppose GM crops, you’re thrilled, and immediately use the Daily Mail’s “tweet this” feature to alert all of your Twitter followers, many of whom retweet the news to their followers. Soon, Greenpeace Europe picks it up and tweets it. Numerous … Full Article »