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Monsanto Brazil Presents Program for Rural Landowners Featured Article

Representatives from companies, financial institutions, the government and civil society discussed solutions to increase food production while reducing negative impacts on the environment at the 2014 Katoomba XIX Conference in Iguazu Falls, Brazil, on March 19-20. The event, organized by the North American NGO Forest Trends and themed “Scaling Up Sustainable Commodity Supply Chains,” was primarily focused on meat and soybean production.

Daniela Mariuzzo, Monsanto corporate social responsibility and sustainability manager in Brazil, attended as one of the roundtable delegates on the innovations in agribusiness. She presented the Golden Delta program—an initiative developed in partnership with Rabobank Brazil. Supported by … Full Article »

Monsanto Asia-Pacific Noted for Best Workplace Practices Featured Article

Monsanto Asia-Pacific won Bronze for ‘Best Workplace Practices’ at the 6th Annual Global CSR Summit & Awards 2014, held in Bali, Indonesia this month. The award recognized company’s purpose-driven, collaborative, grassroots culture; career growth & development approach & opportunities;  a well-built commitment to diversity; employee communications platforms; rewards & recognitions programs – which enable employees  to create shared value with farmers & society around improving agriculture, improves lives.

Three hundred companies were nominated for this year’s awards. Starhub Singapore won Platinum for Best Workplace Practices, and other winners included Maybank Asia Pacific for Provision of Literacy & Education, GAP for Women’s Empowerment, … Full Article »

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A Future Opportunity for Bee Health Featured Article

By Dr. Gregory Heck
Monsanto Company
For Bee Culture Magazine

Monsanto’s Dr. Greg Heck recently wrote an article for Bee Culture Magazine on a future opportunity in bee health – RNAi and what it could mean as a great addition to the toolbox of agricultural solutions.

“RNAi is used by plants, animals and fungi to read the information stored in their DNA and use it to develop actual physical characteristics, called ‘traits,’ he writes. “Our early farmer ancestors saw some of these traits as valuable and bred plants for those desirable qualities – without knowing, needless to say, that RNAi … Full Article »

Volunteering Makes a Big Difference in the Lives of People Featured Article

By Kelly Gast
Global Business Operations

This week is National Volunteer Week in the United States. What a wonderful way to highlight the good work of good people around the country! Volunteering is a big part of what I do. I’m currently co-chairing the United Way of Greater St. Louis campaign for Monsanto, I serve as the Treasurer for the Center for Women in Transition and I often seize other volunteer opportunities within the community.

I haven’t always given this much time, but an experience I had with a gentleman in the Philippines about four years ago sparked me to … Full Article »

David vs. Goliath On Stage? Featured Article

By Trish Jordan
Monsanto Canada

This past weekend, I attended a play.  You know, the on-stage kind with actors telling a story?

Making an effort to head to the theatre is not my traditional entertainment outing.  I am more into entertainment that involves curling, golf or football. But this play was different.  And important.

So off I ventured to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and Canada’s National Arts Centre (@CanadasNAC), with my best farmer friends in tow (on their own dime I might add).

Why? Well, I was finally going to see the play that attempts to tell the story of the … Full Article »

Celebrating the Leadership of Women in Feeding the World Featured Article

By Martha Schlicher
Corporate Engagement

International Women’s Day was established to promote progress and equality for women in all walks of life and all fields.  Agriculture is one area where the contributions of women are widespread, critically important and rapidly growing.  Yet, these contributions also are not as well-known or appreciated as they should be.

More than half of the world’s food is produced by women, and an estimated 1.6 billion women depend on agriculture for their families’ livelihoods.  This includes an estimated 1 million female farmers in the U.S., and millions more globally – many of whom are smallholder … Full Article »


Why Does Monsanto and its Vegetable Seed Brands Patent Vegetable Seeds? Featured Article

Ever wonder why Monsanto and its vegetable seed brands Seminis and De Ruiter use patents or Plant Variety Protection (PVP) certificates to protect its vegetable seed products? Here’s some information to help you understand why.

But first, a few facts on Patents and PVPs: 


  • Patents on vegetables are no different than other patents. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) defines a patent as a property right granted by the Government of the United States of America to an inventor “to exclude others from making, using, offering for sale, or selling the invention throughout the United States or
  • Full Article »

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Italian farmer praises AquaTEK project Featured Article

By Brian Russell
Corporate Engagement Team

Over the past 10 years, rainfall distribution has changed in Conselice, in the north of Italy. A region that typically has plenty of available water has found itself struggling during recent summers. Irrigation, which has never been a cornerstone of local agriculture, has become a necessity.

In 2012, corn yield in this area was very low due to the severe drought summer season, achieving in some farms an average of only 0.7 t/ha.

Alessandro Petitoni and his family are acutely aware of this. Petitoni and his family have managed La Speranza farm since 1990. … Full Article »

Erasmus Students Visit Monsanto Vegetable Seeds Research Site in El Ejido, Spain Featured Article

Erasmus students, through the University of Almería, recently had the opportunity to visit the Monsanto Vegetable Research Centre in El Ejido (Almería, Spain), where they toured the site’s vegetable research operations.

Upon arrival, they received information about relevant R&D facts and figures and, were able to learn about Monsanto research sites in Spain, part of the company’s European region.

They also received information about R&D projects in crops like, tomato, cucumber, pepper or melon, together with technologies developed on cell biology. Then, students joined a tour thought the research facilities including pathology laboratory and greenhouses.

The visit took place within … Full Article »

Field to Market Update Featured Article

For several years, Monsanto has been a member of Field to Market,  an alliance of a diverse group of organizations across the agricultural supply chain. Organized and facilitated by the Keystone Center, the alliance is focused on creating opportunities for sustainable agriculture.

Some of the focus areas include meeting the needs of the present while enhancing the ability of future generations to meet their own needs; making agriculture more productive to meet future food demands; improving agriculture’s impact on the environment; improving human health; and enhancing the economic and social well-being of agricultural communities.

This past week, Field … Full Article »