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India Takes Center Stage in Climate Smart Agriculture and Sustainable Development

By Audrey Ball

When Monsanto signed on to the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) initiative, it committed to collaboratively finding solutions to cross-continental challenges that take on different forms in every geography.

Building resilience and mitigating climate change in different regions requires global partners and tactics tailored to local landscapes. Monsanto India strives to understand and serve the unique needs of its farmer customers and has become a global leader for Monsanto’s climate-smart agriculture efforts.

Agriculture uses 85-90 percent of freshwater in India, a fact that Rakesh Dubey, policy and stakeholder engagement lead for … Full Article »

Breeding Station Bangalore Team Campaigns for Road Safety Awareness Featured Article

The Indian Ministry of Road Transport and Highways recently celebrated National Road Safety Week. The Monsanto Breeding Station in Bangalore, comprised of Vegetable R&D and Row Crop breeding teams, contributed to this event by leading a road safety awareness campaign. The local vehicular traffic—relatively high on this narrow route winding through hillocks with several blind curves—consists of both four and two-wheeler traffic. Due to the difficult terrain and lack of disciplined driving, many serious collisions typically occur on this road.

All employees, including the leadership team from MBS Bangalore, organized a unique campaign on two and four-wheeler driving safety. Employees … Full Article »

Flood-affected Farmers of India Benefit through Livelihood Restoration Project Featured Article

Farmers in the Mahaboobnagar (Andhra Pradesh) and Raichur (Karnataka) districts had suffered large-scale damages and their livelihoods were devastated after cyclonic floods in October 2009 that completely washed out their farm lands and their only source of sustenance.

Today, these farmers have been able to resume farming on their agricultural lands and enhance their crop yields thanks to a community development and livelihood restoration initiative by Monsanto Fund in partnership with NGO Access Development Services.

In 2009, flood waters inundated these districts and affected the lives and livelihoods of more than five million residents, destroyed millions of acres of farmland … Full Article »

Employees at the Monsanto India – Shamirpet Donate to School for Blind Featured Article

By Brian Russell
Public Affairs

Blind children, if given a chance, can play and learn right alongside their sighted peers. An open mind, a positive attitude, and a little creativity are usually all it takes to integrate blind students into regular preschool programs.

Employees at the Monsanto India – Shamirpet site took this wisdom to heart recently. Employees there staged a donation campaign titled “The Joy of Giving,” in which employees donated $689 USD to sponsor lunch for 300 students of a local school for the blind, with remaining money used to purchase Braille paper for the students.

“The voluntary … Full Article »

School Children Visit Breeding Station at Bangalore Featured Article

Third-grade children visit the Monsanto Bangalore, India site recently for an educational outreach program

Monsanto India, as part of the Science Education Outreach program, hosted third grade school children recently at the Bangalore site.

The 33 children had the opportunity to learn about agriculture and plants in particular. The visit included stops at the pathology labs, vegetable quality analytics lab, greenhouses (corn and vegetables) and open field cultivation. They had the opportunity to see microscopes and colorful samples inside them. In greenhouses and open field, they were shown tomatoes, hotpeppers, corn, cucumbers, cabbages and other vegetables.

“A few of the kids told that they … Full Article »

What Monsanto Employees Stand For Featured Article

Fighting hunger in rural America, because 15 percent of rural households go to bed hungry.

Working to grow more food with less water.

Reaching out to help victims of a massive storm.

Sacrificing to protect their country.

Growing jobs and communities.

Helping grow rural education.

Assuring the safety of the products we sell.

Supporting community organizations.

Partnerships to achieve important goals.

Honoring agricultural innovators.

Helping tell the story of agriculture.

Recognizing what farmers do for America.

Striving for technological innovation.

Supporting science education.

Recycling to reduce wastes and use … Full Article »

Monsanto Receives Award in India for Bollgard Bt Cotton Seed Technology Featured Article

The Association of Biotechnology Led Enterprises (ABLE), India, conferred the ABLE President’s Award for Innovation on Monsanto Holdings Pvt. Ltd. (MHPL) for its Bollgard in-the-seed insect protection Bt cotton technology, at the ABLE 10th Anniversary Conference and Awards in New Delhi recently.

Mr. Sharad Pawar, Union Agriculture Minister, Mr. Ghulam Nabi Azad, Union Health Minister, Mr. Shashi Tharoor, Minister of State for Human Resource Development (HRD), Government of India, and Mr. Murali, President, ABLE, presented the award to Mr. B. Yogesh, Director, Monsanto Holdings Pvt. Ltd. (MHPL) for the company’s innovative cotton insect protection biotechnology and its impact for … Full Article »

Monsanto Fund in India Featured Article

Four projects in India are highlighted in the newly published Monsanto Fund report for 2010-2011.

Dateline India: Enhance Agricultural Productivity 

With the help of the Monsanto Fund, a five-year project is underway to improve the incomes of 3,000 poor families in Kalahandi district, through integrated natural resource development (INRD), improved farming systems and better market linkages. 

The program, which began in October 2011, identified women from target families and organized them into self help groups. These women learn sustainable agriculture practices — maximizing return without depleting resources — through integrated land and water resource development education. This teaches the … Full Article »

Efforts to Eliminate Child Labor in Our Business Partners’ Fields in India Featured Article

Child labor in India is a significant challenge in rural areas in agriculture. Our business model for growing seeds in India involves contracting with individual small growers, either directly or through an agent known as a Seed Coordinator. In 2005, with the acquisition of Emergent Genetics, we became aware that children were often found working in hybrid cottonseed production. We immediately moved to develop an education and monitoring program for our Seed Coordinators and farmers. 

The education process has many facets which have evolved over the years. The main tool currently in use is our Business Partner Guidebook, available … Full Article »

Continued Progress in Human Rights Policy Implementation Featured Article

Producing seeds in more than 40 countries gives us the opportunity to have a positive impact on the lives of a significant number of agricultural workers. To guide our actions, Monsanto adopted our Human Rights Policy in 2006, and began a program to improve the lives of workers in our seed production supply chain, whether they are at our owned facilities or are working for a third party. 

The policy includes commitments on child labor, forced labor, compensation, working hours, harassment and violence, discrimination, freedom of association, occupational safety and legal compliance. We operate on a continuous improvement approach in … Full Article »