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10 Things Monsanto Learned While Implementing our Human Rights Policy

By Martha Burmaster
Monsanto’s Director of Human Rights

In 2006, the Monsanto Board of Directors adopted a Human Rights Policy, which works to respect and advance the rights of our more than 20,000 employees and those of our business partners around the world. The policy focuses on nine elements: child labor, forced labor, compensation, working hours, harassment and violence, discrimination, safety, freedom of association, and legal compliance.

We’ve learned a lot in the decade since this policy was adopted, and here are 10 highlights:

Focus on the individuals that may be impacted.
Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity … Full Article »

Pausing to Review Monsanto in 2015 Featured Article

By Nick, Corporate Engagement

Working at Monsanto, every day we are presented with a new project, new opportunity or new challenge.  As we’re bogged down in the daily grind of work, we tend to forget what our colleagues from all over the world have accomplished. As the calendar turned to December and as we begin to wrap up projects and look to the important work ahead in 2016, we thought we’d take some advice from Ferris Bueller: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” So, here are … Full Article »

Sharing Monsanto’s point of view on diversity, Vermont lawsuit Featured Article

Sometimes, the things you don’t know surprise you.  And we realize that’s often true about Monsanto.

For instance, many folks don’t know that diversity and inclusion are bedrock pillars of how Monsanto operates and lives our commitment to human rights, dignity and respect.  As a company focused on collaborating with others to help tackle the challenges of sustainability, nutrition and climate change, we believe that the best ideas and innovations are the result of collaboration, teamwork, dialogue and respect.  To put it plainly: Diversity is a foundation of both who we are and how we do business.

Diversity and inclusion … Full Article »

Monsanto Peru Receives 2013 Good Labor Practices Award Featured Article

Left to right: Victor Ibanez, Finance Manager; Isaias Segovia, Peru Production Manager; Fatima Albitres, HR Supervisor; Labor Minister, Nancy Laos Caceres; Jimmy Claros, Grower Manager; Jorge Rafaile, Tomato & GSPP Manager; and Oswaldo Gamboa, Procurement Supervisor

Based on its policies in defense, respect and promotion of workers rights, Monsanto Peru has been recognized by the nation’s Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion with the “2013 Good Labor Practices” Award. The award was granted in the “promotion of equal opportunities for men and women; non-discrimination by creed, disability, economic status, race, gender and equality of vulnerable groups” category.

Fátima Albitres Sotil, Monsanto Peru … Full Article »

Continued Progress in Human Rights Policy Implementation Featured Article

Producing seeds in more than 40 countries gives us the opportunity to have a positive impact on the lives of a significant number of agricultural workers. To guide our actions, Monsanto adopted our Human Rights Policy in 2006, and began a program to improve the lives of workers in our seed production supply chain, whether they are at our owned facilities or are working for a third party. 

The policy includes commitments on child labor, forced labor, compensation, working hours, harassment and violence, discrimination, freedom of association, occupational safety and legal compliance. We operate on a continuous improvement approach in … Full Article »