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Our Perspective on the Maui County Initiative Featured Article

Earlier today, a federal court declared the Maui County initiative seeking to ban GMO crops is contrary to federal and state laws, and therefore is invalid.

The Maui County Farming Ban was placed on the November ballot by the SHAKA (Sustainable Hawaiian Agriculture for the Keiki and the ‘Aina) movement and was passed by an extremely close margin.

As longtime residents of Maui County, we are pleased with the court’s decision. For us, it’s important that farmers and gardeners on Maui and Molokai will continue to have the freedom to plant the seeds of their choice, whether those seeds are … Full Article »

Monsanto Donates Land for Honouliuli Internment Camp National Monument Featured Article

Today, U.S. President Barack Obama publicly designated a former World War II internment camp in Hawaii as a national monument.  The Honouliuli Internment Camp in Kunia, near Honolulu, is on land donated by Monsanto to the federal government to honor and preserve the legacy of the hundreds of Japanese-American people who were forcibly kept there during World War II.

Monsanto has donated 123 acres to be included in the national monument. An additional 22 acres is planned to be donated in the future.

“We’re very excited about reaching this significant milestone in the community’s efforts to preserve the Honouliuli Internment … Full Article »

Why are we suing Maui? Featured Article

In an extremely close vote last week, citizens of Maui in Hawaii voted to implement a moratorium on the planting of GM crops in their county. This decision, if enacted, will have an immediate effect on the longstanding, and safe, operations of Monsanto on the island.

The impact though goes far beyond our business and our more than 1,000 employees who live and work in Hawaii. It goes right to the heart of the work that will need to be done to help ensure a sustainable food supply as the earth’s population continues to grow.

This challenge to feed the … Full Article »

2014 Election Results and Impact Featured Article

On November 4th, voters across the United States cast their ballots for the mid-term elections for federal, state and local candidate’s races.

In Maui County, Hawaii, voters passed an initiative that proposed a moratorium on the development, farming and cultivation of genetically engineered crops in their county. Like many others, we’re concerned about the potential consequences of this ban for the County and for farming in Hawaii. If enacted, it will hurt the local economy, as well as local farmers and home gardeners. We believe that people should be free to plant the seeds of their own choice whether those … Full Article »

Kihei Site Employees Wholeheartedly Support the American Heart Association Featured Article

According to the American Heart Association, heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States.

On March 8, employees of the Kihei site in Hawaii participated in the 2014 Heart Walk. The Heart Walk is the American Heart Association’s (AHA) premiere fundraising event and promotes heart-healthy living and physical activity.

“We have wonderful and generous employees at the Kihei site,” said Carol Reimann, community and government affairs manager. “They showed a lot of ‘heart’ during the 2014 Heart Walk.”

The 120 employees who participated in the fundraiser volunteered a total of 180 hours and raised … Full Article »

Monsanto Maui Employees Give a Gift to the Environment Featured Article

For Monsanto employees like Ashley Lindsay, caring for the environment is not just a passion, it’s become a personal mission. So when the opportunity to assist Kealia Pond National Wildlife Refuge with their ongoing wetland restoration efforts presented itself last month, Ashley along with a group of dedicated Monsanto employees and their families jumped at the chance to help out.

Monsanto employees and their families volunteer to help with restoration efforts at Kealia Pond.

The group volunteered over 40 hours helping Kealia Pond staff remove invasive plant species and restore native plants. They also helped clean interpretative signs and pick … Full Article »

Conservation Practices in Hawaii Featured Article

Monsanto has technology and manufacturing operations on three islands in the state of Hawaii. Monsanto’s seed passes through Hawaii multiple times in its breeding, biotechnology trait development, trait integration, pre-foundation and foundation seed production units during development to take advantage of the favorable climate to grow multiple generations of corn and soybeans each year. 

At all locations, environmental stewardship is a key component of Monsanto’s freedom to operate. Water and land are limited and precious commodities in Hawaii, and the Monsanto Hawaii team has taken the lead to preserve them. 

On all islands and in all operations, crops are produced … Full Article »

Hawaiian fruits and vegetables

An Incredible Learning Experience With Farm Bureau

For the last few years, I have had an opportunity to go to the annual meeting of the Farm Bureau. A group of us have also enjoyed being able to share the experience in real-time (thanks to Twitter) and with a bit of reflection on the AFBF meeting blog. This year, I wrote 1-2 blog posts a day with several of them featuring video interviews with farmers engaged in the meetings. The pace of doing that along with all the other activities seemed dizzying at times but what a rewarding experience it has been! I thought you would like … Full Article »

Innovation Conserves Water in Hawaii

Water is a limited resource. According to FAO, agriculture is the world’s largest consumer of water. Between now and 2050 the world’s water supply will have to feed and create livelihoods for an additional 2.7 billion people. It is essential to identify ways to preserve this precious resource.

Monsanto Hawaii

By making key changes in irrigation and fertigation practices, Monsanto Hawaii’s production research and manufacturing teams have saved more than 11 million gallons of water or enough water for more than 150 households for a year.

The research team undertook a series of studies at the Molokai and Kunia … Full Article »