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The Green Data Revolution’s Role in Feeding Our Growing Population Featured Article

By Mike Stern
President and Chief Operating Officer, The Climate Corporation and Vice-President, Monsanto

The 1940s ushered in the first wave of what is now called the Green Revolution, which brought significant advancements in plant breeding. This era was quickly followed by additional waves of innovation in advanced breeding and biotechnology, which helped reduce risk and increase food production. The advances seen in the Green Revolution helped us to feed more than 2 billion people who joined our population over that time.

Today, we believe that we’re on the cusp of another important wave of innovation, the Green Data Revolution, … Full Article »

Dr. Robb Fraley Calls for Continued Agriculture Innovation at Borlaug Centennial Celebration Featured Article

World Food Prize laureate Robb Fraley outlines population growth and climate change challenges, highlights potential of emerging technologies to safely boost food production.

Norman Borlaug, the father of the Green Revolution, is widely credited with advancing agriculture to save 1 billion lives. While celebrating Borlaug’s legacy this week, Monsanto Chief Technology Officer and 2013 World Food Prize Laureate Robb Fraley outlined the need for continued innovation to feed a population that is expected to grow by more than 2 billion people by 2050.

Fraley addressed members of the global agriculture community today at the Borlaug Summit on Wheat for Food Full Article »

Dr. Norman Borlaug’s Impact on Mexican Agriculture

Homero Melis, is a third generation Mexican farmer who has been farming for more than 20 years. He is currently the secretary of Mexico’s National Agriculture Council (Consejo Nacional Agropecuario – CNA). As the world celebrates the achievements of Dr. Norman Borlaug this week, Homero Melis reflects on the impact Dr. Borlaug’s work has had on Mexican agriculture.

What type of farm do you have?

My fields are in the Maya and the Yaqui Valleys. These lands are irrigated with dam water, and we also have groundwater pump systems to support the Yaqui and Maya district irrigation plans. I call … Full Article »

A Billion Good Reasons to Get to Know the Work of Dr. Norman Borlaug Featured Article

By Robert Fraley
Chief Technology Officer

Innovation can certainly lead to fame – we celebrate the names and stories of those who invented products or processes that have changed our lives for the better.  The inventors of the first automobile, the first telephone, the first smartphone and other common devices are well-known and often-celebrated.

Photo Credit: CIMMYT

Dr. Norman Borlaug may not be as famous as some of these innovators, at least not outside of agriculture and scientific circles, but his work was every bit as important and life-changing.  As a matter of fact, his work was life-enabling: he … Full Article »

Remembering Norman Borlaug Featured Article

By Theodore Crosbie, Ph.D.
Integrated Farming Systems Lead
Monsanto Company

Dr. Norman Borlaug, known as the “Father of the Green Revolution in Wheat,” would have been 99 years old on March 25. Although he died in 2009, his legacy and influence still lives on today. The following is a blog post I wrote in remembrance of Dr. Borlaug following his passing and I thought I’d repost it as we observe his birthday.

I first met Norman Borlaug as a graduate student in Plant Breeding at Iowa State University. My classmates and I dutifully filed into the Agronomy auditorium to hear … Full Article »