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Monsanto’s Business in Europe Featured Article

Some recent reports are suggesting—again!—that Monsanto is withdrawing from business activities in Europe. The opposite is true. We’re actually expanding our operations in the conventional seed business in Europe, and will continue to sell Europe’s only successful commercial biotech crop, our MON810 corn, to farmers in several European countries. But we’ll no longer be pursuing approvals for cultivation of new biotech crops in Europe. Instead, we’ll focus on enabling imports of biotech crops into the EU and expanding our current business, particularly in Eastern Europe.

Monsanto´s business in Europe is very strong and growing. To better serve farmers in Europe, … Full Article »

Wagner family shucking sweet corn on their farm

VIDEO: A Farm Family’s Obsession is Sweet Corn Featured Article

This is my first summer living in the Midwest and although I had spent a lot of time in St. Louis the last several years, I didn’t really “get it.” Lots of things were familiar and the differences, well I didn’t spend much time on. Slowly though, I am beginning to appreciate the differences.

One big difference?

It seems like people here love sweet corn every bit as much as Southerners love tomatoes. Now don’t get me wrong, I have always loved the taste of sweet corn, especially when it was fresh from the garden. And I know many … Full Article »

Dr. Bryan Young of Southern Illinois University

VIDEO: Hearing from Expert in Weed Resistance Management – Dr. Bryan Young

The winter meeting season has given farmers a lot to think about and Dr. Bryan Young of Southern Illinois University is one of the people prompting thought. Recently Young and a couple of other academics helped plan a series of seminars sponsored by the Illinois Soybean Association to get farmers the latest information available. I attended the nearby seminar one of the events, the one where Young presented. This blog pulls together tweeting from the event and a video we shot with Young after the seminar was over.

Quite a bit of the day’s conversation was shared on Twitter, here … Full Article »

Farmer Blogger

Farmer Bloggers Making Their Voices Heard

Since today is agriculture day, we thought a great way to celebrate would be to highlight a few of the people who are actively sharing their ag stories online. There are a lot of voices sharing their personal story about agriculture, so we thought it may be good to highlight a few of them now and then, so our hope is this will become a series.

With the number of voices, sadly we can’t highlight them all, but hopefully our readers will find it advantageous to discover blogs telling the story straight from the farm, ranch or science bench. The … Full Article »

Biotech in the Land of Oz

If you look at TV Guide any time during the week you can see several nationally syndicated TV programs talking about some of the popular topics in American culture. Food and home are two of the biggest themes so it’s no surprise that agricultural biotechnology and the connections to food would be among the topics discussed. Today’s listings include “Dr. Oz investigates: Genetically Modified Foods.”

The show provided a discussion centered on the safety of GM food and whether GM food should be labeled. The discussion was led by Dr. Mehmet Oz, a medical doctor affiliated with Columbia University and … Full Article »

Industrial Farming Gives Freedom of Choice for Farmers

From Mica: I discovered my colleague, Ed Umbaugh, through Twitter a few months ago. His Twitter bio intrigued me:Ed Umbaugh lives on a very small farm where we raise grass fed lamb. I am a Tech at a Monsanto soybean seed plant.” I asked him if he’d be willing to share insight into his experiences with us. Here are his thoughts.

By Ed Umbaugh

Monsanto seed technicion Ed Umbaugh gazes at his grass-fed lambs.

I’ve been asked if there is some contradiction in raising grass-fed lamb and working for Monsanto producing transgenic (GMO) soybean seed—both of … Full Article »

Roundup Ready sugarbeets

Roundup Ready Sugarbeet Court Case Update

Roundup Ready Sugarbeets at harvest

Here’s the latest information on the Roundup Ready sugarbeet case. There was a hearing on Friday, Aug. 13.

At the hearing, Judge Jeffrey White of the U.S. District Court issued an order which states that harvest and processing of Roundup Ready® sugar beets and sugar beet seed crops planted before August 13, 2010 are not affected and may proceed without interference.The Court decided to vacate the deregulation of Roundup Ready sugarbeets and to return the product to the USDA for appropriate action for future plantings.

The Sugar Industry Biotech Council has a statement up … Full Article »

Five Answers on Monsanto’s Haiti Seed Donation

Since announcing Monsanto’s $4 million seed donation to Haitian farmers on May 13, there have been some questions and some inaccuracies regarding details of the gift. We covered some of the answers in this initial blog post, which primarily addressed how the donation came about and noted the seeds were hybrids not biotech (GMO).

  • Monsanto contacted the Haitian Ministry of Agriculture and offered specific non-GMO seed varieties and quantities suited for Haiti’s growing conditions. The Ministry reviewed the offer and asked some questions, including whether we intended to include GMO seed because Haiti does not have the legal framework
Full Article »

Reflection on Earnings

On Wednesday morning, I sat with my coffee cup in hand and listened via Webcast to our CEO Hugh Grant talk with investors and analysts about Monsanto’s second quarter earnings. At the same time, I had my Tweetdeck and Google Reader up to scan and follow the latest comments from our farmer customers. It was refreshing to hear what our execs said in that call, because it matched what I’ve been seeing online from our customers.
What Monsanto executives said yesterday—including CEO Hugh Grant—was the result of feedback they picked up from meeting with farmers across the U.S. for … Full Article »

What RR1 Patent Expiration Means for Farmers

The patent for the original Roundup Ready (RR1) soybean trait is set to expire in 2014. That fact has raised all kinds of interest and questions, starting first with what it means for farmers.

Late last year, Monsanto worked to explain our intentions. Lately, several groups, including the American Farm Bureau Federation, have asked about the regulatory issues involved, because the scientific and export regulatory “estate” for a genetically modified trait like this one has to be maintained. If the estate is not maintained, farmers won’t be able to use the trait. We said last fall that we’d … Full Article »