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Monsanto Statement on Reports Alleging Illegal Dicamba Use Featured Article

by Miriam Paris, U.S. Soybean Marketing Manager

At Monsanto, we focus on bringing farmers a broad range of solutions to help them sustainably grow their crops. Increasingly, our aim is to develop solutions that are integrated and complementary. We are working in the areas of plant breeding, biotechnology, data science and chemistry to bring farmers products and services that work together as a system to help farmers achieve their best possible harvest.

Earlier this year, we introduced part of a new system for soybeans called Roundup Ready 2 Xtend®, after a similar launch for cotton in 2015 that was successful. … Full Article »

‘The Real Seeds of Deception’ Featured Article

It’s a staple on social media and a commonplace on activist blogs: Thousands of Indian farmers have killed themselves because of GM seeds

There’s only one problem: it’s a fabrication. 

We’ve said it was a deception many times before, but it’s just too good of a story not to be repeated. It fits with the other myths constructed about GM crops. And if it helps to sell books and movies, well, that can’t be all bad, can it? 

A study by the Indian government said the claim wasn’t true. 

A review by the International Food Policy Research InstituteFull Article »

Indian Farmer Suicide – The Bottom Line

Suicide is a difficult subject to discuss, as many of us are likely to know someone who’s taken their own life. This is a particularly emotional topic, and I hope to show due respect and sensitivity for those affected by such a tragedy.

Unfortunately, there have been some sensational allegations lately about farmer suicide rates in India. Speculative reports spawned mostly by anti-GMO groups–not pro-farming groups–have implied that these tragic farmer suicides have somehow become an epidemic since the introduction of biotech cotton in 2002. This is simply not true. The activists’ reports largely ignore many complex cultural, environmental … Full Article »