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The Importance of Knowledge Transfer in Corn Traits in Vietnam Featured Article

In early April, Dekalb Vietnam, a subsidiary of Monsanto, launched the first Integrated Knowledge Transfers fields in Dong Nai province. The program aims to provide hundreds of Vietnamese farmers the opportunity for the first time to grow corn seeds with weed management and insect protection traits and transfer the knowledge to thousands of farmers to better capture yield potential and make farming operation more stable, successful and profitable.

Huynh Van Thang, farmer in Dong Thap Province

Vietnam’s corn imports have been soaring to meet growing feed demands. In 2014, Vietnam imported 4.79 million tons of corn, up sharply by more … Full Article »

Website Hoax Featured Article

Earlier today, an unidentified cyber group developed and posted a deceptive web page called www.monsantoglobal.com designed to appear as though it was posted by Monsanto. This pagee and its related communications, including fake news releases entitled “Mexico Grants Monsanto Approval To Plant Large-Scale GM Corn Fields” and “Monsanto Denounces “Activists” for Hoax Release are intentional misrepresentations and are not in any way associated with our company. Monsanto has not issued a press release on the hoax.

Monsanto regrets any confusion or inconvenience caused by this hoax. Information on this hoax web site and its related communication properties has been turned … Full Article »

EU Says French Report Fails to Meet “Acceptable Scientific Standards” Featured Article

The European Food Safety Authority has reviewed a study allegedly linking GM corn to cancer that was released in September, and determined that it fails to meet “acceptable scientific standards.” 

The study, conducted by the University of Caen (France) researcher Gilles-Eric Seralini and others, claimed that laboratory rats fed a Monsanto GM corn variety and/or Roundup herbicide developed cancer. Pictures of rats with huge tumors inundated the internet, and widely tweeted and posted on Facebook. 

In addition to the review by the European Union agency, separate reviews were done by Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands – and … Full Article »

Sweet (Corn) Talking Featured Article

By Carly Scaduto
U.S. Vegetables Communications Manager

One of the great things about my job is that I get to talk to our customers about their experiences with some of our newer vegetable products, including our biotech (GM) sweet corn. Many of our customers even blog about their experiences and thoughts surrounding our products. 

They all share common feelings about biotech (GM) sweet corn: they love sweet corn and are very comfortable growing biotech sweet corn, eating it themselves and sharing it with their family and friends. 

Here’s a taste of what farmers are saying about our biotech (GM) sweet Full Article »