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WBCSD vision2050

Living Well Within the Boundaries of the Planet Featured Article

By Michael Doane
VP, Sustainable Ag Policy

Can nine billion people live well and do so within the boundaries of the planet?  Those of us fortunate enough to be around in 2050 are going to find out.

I spent this past week in Montreux, Switzerland with 300 other business leaders representing 200 leading companies from nearly every continent and economic sector working on the solutions that can get us there. The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) published this vision back in 2010: a future where 9 billion people are living well, within the planetary boundaries.

This is … Full Article »

Monsanto and Global Vehicle Safety Featured Article

Monsanto drivers traveled 170 million miles and achieved a historic low rate of collisions per million miles (cpmm) of 3.08 in FY2011. 

The Monsanto vehicle policy is expanding globally to meet our diverse business needs. For example, newer and safer technologies are considered when replacing vehicles in order to increase the safety of all drivers and passengers while driving on public roads or farms under varying conditions; drivers are required to participate in a commentary/peer reviewed driving process to help them improve their driving skills under actual driving conditions; seatbelt use is mandated by all vehicle occupants in company vehicles … Full Article »


Thomson Reuters Names Monsanto to Top 100 Innovators List Featured Article

Thomson Reuters has named Monsanto to its list for the World’s Top 100 Most Innovative Organizations for 2012

The list is developed through a series of analyses developed by Thomson Reuters and based on intellectual property, patents and innovation. Specific criteria include innovation success; the global nature of an organization’s innovation; the influence of the innovation; and the volume of innovative patents. 

“Innovation is the cornerstone of economic growth and success, for both the companies that innovate and the countries that encourage it,” the Thomas Reuters report says. “Innovation can also be the competitive lever that gives one company … Full Article »

The Economist: Feeding the World/Asia Featured Article

In Hong Kong, a conference sponsored by The Economist is being held today, and the topic is a critical one for all of us.  

“Feeding the World: Asia’s Prospect of Plenty” considers the challenges we face in feeding nine billion people in the next 30 to 40 years, and the role that the nations of Asia might play. Chaired by John Parker, The Economist’s Globalization Editor and the author of the special 2011 report “Feeding the World,” the event is exploring challenges and innovative solutions for feeding Asia’s growing population nutritiously, safely and sustainably in the years ahead. … Full Article »


The 9 Billion-People Question

Last week, The Economist Magazine published an extensive series of articles with the summary title of “The 9-billion people question: A special report on feeding the world.” The articles examine what is going to be required to feed more than two billion additional people by 2050.

A few selected quotes from the report’s introduction:

• “At the start of 2011 the food industry is in crisis. World food prices have risen above the peak they reached in early 2008.”
• “The end of the era of cheap food has coincided with growing concern about the prospects of feeding the world. … Full Article »