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The Truth About Toxic Wheat Featured Article

By Jenny Dewey Rohrich, Prairie Californian

You may or may not have seen this article from the Healthy Home Economist touting wheat is toxic due to being sprayed with Round up (glyphosate) as a pre-harvest. This article brings up some pretty fear inducing statistics for both farmers and non-farmers. Farming is our life and our passion and when someone spreads fear in regards to our livelihood, it is hard not to take it personal. So we respond in the best way we know how, through our own experiences and how we run our own farms.

Unfortunately, trying to lump all farming … Full Article »

Germination Magazine: “Seed Treatment: A Tool for Sustainable Agriculture” Featured Article

In the July 2012 edition of Germination Magazine, an article on seed treatment explains the process, what it accomplishes, and its importance to sustainable agriculture. 

An excerpt: 

“Seed treatment technology has come a long way since the use of salt brine in the mid-1600s. Today seed treatments deliver clear environmental, economic and social benefits, making the technology a perfect tool for sustainable agriculture.

“With a growing world population, now more than ever it’s critical that farmers have access to the tools that will help them grow more food while protecting the environment. And seed treatments are one of these tools.… Full Article »