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Monsanto Fund Donates Truck to the Food Bank of Los Mochis, Sinaloa, Mexico Featured Article

A ceremony was held recently to celebrate the donation of a closed-box truck to the Food Bank of Los Mochis in Sinaloa, Mexico. The truck, with a capacity for 20 tons, was purchased with help from the Monsanto Fund, thanks to the sponsorship of employees located in northern Sinaloa State.

The vehicle will aid the Food Bank in its mission to bring food to communities of high poverty and improve efficiency in the collection and transportation of food donated by businesses, local producers, supermarkets, banks and other foundations. It is expected to generate a substantial increase in both the organization’s ability … Full Article »

AgTech and Sustainable Growth: An Emerging Economic Sector Featured Article

The Ewing Marion Kaufmann Foundation of Kansas City and the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center of St. Louis have partnered to produce a white paper entitled AgTech: Challenges and Opportunities for Sustainable Agriculture. Behind the report is a stark reality – more food has to be produced in the next 40 years than has been produced in all of human history to date. Coupled with that reality is the hope embodied in a newly emerging economic sector, which the white paper’s authors call “sustainable agricultural technology,” or, more simply, “AgTech.” The report has three purposes:

  • Increase awareness of the
Full Article »

Global Harvest Initiative Welcomes Jesus Madrazo as 2014 Chairman of the Board of Directors Featured Article

Jesus Madrazo, vice president of Corporate Engagement for Monsanto, was recently named chairman of the Board of Directors of Global Harvest Initiative (GHI). GHI is a private-sector voice for productivity growth throughout the agricultural value chain to sustainably meet the demands of a growing world. GHI’s Margaret Zeigler talked to Madrazo about his background and the challenges faced globally in meeting growing food needs sustainably.

Margaret Zeigler: Jesus, we are delighted to have you lead the Global Harvest Initiative Board of Directors in 2014 as our new Board Chairman. How did you come to be involved in global agriculture?… Full Article »

Dr. Robb Fraley Calls for Continued Agriculture Innovation at Borlaug Centennial Celebration Featured Article

World Food Prize laureate Robb Fraley outlines population growth and climate change challenges, highlights potential of emerging technologies to safely boost food production.

Norman Borlaug, the father of the Green Revolution, is widely credited with advancing agriculture to save 1 billion lives. While celebrating Borlaug’s legacy this week, Monsanto Chief Technology Officer and 2013 World Food Prize Laureate Robb Fraley outlined the need for continued innovation to feed a population that is expected to grow by more than 2 billion people by 2050.

Fraley addressed members of the global agriculture community today at the Borlaug Summit on Wheat for Food Full Article »

What Do Farmers Have in Common with SXSW Attendees? Featured Article

Saturday morning, I was at a meeting in a room filled with farmers who had come from every county in Indiana to a meeting in Indianapolis. They asked me to help them understand about how you can talk about a topic you are highly passionate about when it can also be controversial. In other words, they were wondering how they could better connect with others. It was a great way to start my day!

The room’s demographics reflected what we see in agriculture a lot of the time. There were more of the greatest generation and baby boomers than millennials, … Full Article »

Our Innovation Pipeline: The Window to the Future of Farming Featured Article

By Dr. Robb Fraley
Chief Technology Officer

Mother Nature is always changing, and those changes often threaten the crops that we depend on for food and clothing.  Whether it’s migrating insects, new strains of diseases, or a changing climate, our crops are constantly under siege from new and changing dangers.

What do we do about it?  We do what mankind has always done:  we improve and we innovate to overcome challenges and improve our effectiveness. 

Monsanto’s innovation pipeline is an ongoing example of innovation in agriculture.  To effectively meet the needs of the farmers who keep food on our … Full Article »

Monsanto’s Commitment to Ukraine Featured Article

By Jesus Madrazo
Vice President, Corporate Engagement

The following is based on remarks at the US-Ukraine Conference in Washington, D.C., on Friday, Dec.13.

Speaskers at the US-Ukraince Conference. Jesus Madrazo is at left.

Agriculture and food production are key drivers in our global economy, sitting at the crossroads of some of the most important issues facing society – growing population, food demand and the need to preserve natural resources. At Monsanto, we’re focused on sustainable agriculture, which, very simply, is producing more with fewer resources while improving the lives of farmers.

Farmers are part of the backbone of any country, … Full Article »

Thanksgiving Day: From the Farm to Your Table Featured Article

The U.S. Thanksgiving holiday is still a week away, but our colleagues over at Monsanto.com have put together a story in infographic form about some of the common foods we eat to celebrate the day. The cranberry illustration above is one example. Simply cursor over the foods on the table, and learn something about what we eat on Thanksgiving – what starts on farms all over the United States.… Full Article »

Julie Borlaug: Biotech is an important tool in the integrated war against world hunger Featured Article

Would critics of biotechnology really want to bar life-changing and lifesaving agricultural innovations from those who need them the most? Julie Borlaug doesn’t think so.

The associate director of external relations at the Borlaug Institute for International Agriculture at Texas A&M University – and granddaughter of Dr. Norman Borlaug – made a compelling and personal case for biotechnology and its role in fighting world hunger in this Des Moines (Iowa) Register opinion article.

Borlaug maintains that biotechnology advocates, including her grandfather, “were unfortunately a lot better at doing science than communicating about it.” She advocates streamlining of the discussion … Full Article »

The Most Important Conversation We’re Not Having: The Role of Innovation in Feeding the Planet Featured Article

By Dr. Robert Fraley
Chief Technology Officer

The pace of innovation has accelerated over the past 30 years — virtually every aspect of how we work, play and live has dramatically changed with new advances.  And I think we would all agree that at least most of these advances have changed our lives for the better.

For those who may not have been around 30 years ago, a bit of perspective:  In 1980, we were just starting to recover from a major energy crisis.  AIDS was just emerging as a major health issue.  The cordless phone allowed you to walk … Full Article »