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Beyond the Rows is a Monsanto Company blog focused on one of the world’s most important industries, agriculture. Monsanto employees write about Monsanto’s business, the agriculture industry, and the farmer.
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Climate Change and Our Food: Global Perspective Featured Article

For most of us, climate change is hard to wrap our heads around.  We don’t see it in the daily weather report, even though the weather is more unpredictable these days.  It’s not apparent when we draw a glass of water or check items off our lists at the grocery store, even though it might be impacting availability of both fresh water and food.

Climate change is happening, though, and it’s posing new challenges that can impact our food supply and our quality of life.  Diplomats from around the world are discussing and debating potential solutions this week at the … Full Article »

Working Together to Feed the Future Featured Article

By Lisa Safarian
North America Business Lead

As a mom and a member of the team at Monsanto, I’m focused on food pretty much 24/7, whether it’s thinking about meals for my family or working with farmers to help produce better harvests.

That’s only compounded for me when we talk about our aspirations of helping make a balanced plate of healthy food accessible to the more than 9 billion people that will be on earth by 2050. I know it is nothing short of a huge challenge.

But what’s really exciting to me is that across the agriculture, food and … Full Article »

FFA: Investing in Tomorrow’s Agriculture Featured Article

By Kelcie Jones
California State FFA Secretary 

Throughout high school, students enrolled in agricultural education and active members in their local Future Farmers of America (FFA) chapter have the opportunity to seek out leadership positions within their school or on a larger scale. These positions allow students to refine their skills on agriculture advocacy, leadership, and networking to encourage career success in the future. 

Many times, these elections require a speech, an application, and an interview. I remember my first election like it was yesterday. As nerve-wracking as it was, experiences in the FFA like this one have made me … Full Article »

Producing More Featured Article

Monsanto established an aggressive target of doubling yields in four major crops over a 30-year period. This goal is highly relevant as global forecasted demand of corn, oilseeds and cotton over this same period will increase significantly. 

Unfortunately, farmers’ abilities to meet this increase in demand by boosting yields (output per unit of land) is constrained by their access to innovative management practices and seed technology. 

Monsanto is tracking progress against this production goal based on the policy environment established by the major producing countries of each crop. Based on a recent expert analysis by The Context Network, countries … Full Article »

Meeting Demand – Not an Either/Or Solution

Over the past several months, we’ve seen continued attention to the role that agriculture – and farmers, specifically – can play in supporting some of our world’s growing needs.

While most agree the increased global demand must be met, not everyone agrees on the approach that should be used to meet the challenge. Some parties are quick to turn this into an either/or decision by pitting conventional farming practices, organic production and biotechnology against one another. But at Monsanto, we don’t see it that way.

Rather than a simple one-size-fits-all solution to meet the demands of our growing planet, we … Full Article »