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Concerned about pesticide residue? Featured Article

By Kimberly Hodge-Bell
Senior Toxicologist

The food supply in the United States is one of the safest in the world, thanks to an established system that includes clean water, refrigeration, national standards and oversight.

Yet some groups are testing for trace residues in our food and trying to raise concerns. I’ve dedicated most of my 12-year career to product safety. As part of our ongoing conversation with consumers, I’d like to share some key facts and put these concerns into perspective.

According to physicians and other food safety experts, the mere presence of a chemical itself is not a human health Full Article »

GM Crops and Allergenicity Featured Article

Food allergies are a serious concern. Researchers have estimated that some 15 million Americans have some kind of food allergy. Eight foods account for 90 percent of the reported allergies – milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, wheat, fish, and shellfish. And for some people, food allergies can be fatal.

Some reports in online and popular magazines have suggested that the allergenicity rate has increased since the introduction of GM crops. There is no evidence to link allergenicity to currently authorized GM crops. In fact, food allergies have increased in all industrialized countries, including those where GM crops are not approved.… Full Article »

Are GM Foods Dangerous? Featured Article

On Monday, we posted a story about BestFoodFacts.org, and a video the group had recently posted on its blog which asked if GM crops were harming the environment. BestFoodFacts is a site sponsored by the Center for Food Integrity (CFI), designed to provide objective and accurate information directly from experts – university researchers, academics and registered dieticians. (Monsanto is a member of CFI.) 

BestFoodFacts has posted a second video, “Are GM Foods Dangerous?” The video is a conversation between an Illinois mom and blogger, Betsie Estes, and Dr. Sally Mackenzie of the Center for Plant Science Innovation … Full Article »

The Safety of Biotech Sweet Corn Featured Article

Last week, Huffington Post published an opinion piece that raised concerns about the safety of biotech sweet corn. The author was the executive director of Food & Water Watch, which has been maintaining a public relations campaign against GM food in general and biotech sweet corn in particular.

Best Food Facts, a web site sponsored by the Center for Food Integrity, has an interview with three food experts about the safety of biotech sweet corn, other issues raised in the article, and what – if any – effect GM food has on human health. The three are professors at … Full Article »

Don't Be a Turkey This Thanksgiving – Thank a Farmer

If you’ve been listening to the radio lately, you may have heard some new advertisements from Monsanto that aim to raise awareness of the contributions of the American farmer. The ads articulate the positive impacts American farmers have on our economy as well as their efforts to preserve and care for the land. On Thanksgiving Day, we will also begin running television ads. These ads will feature real American farmers and echo the message of the radio ads.

Interestingly enough, we discovered that as we began to run our ads, many other people, organizations and companies were also out … Full Article »

How Safe is Your Food?

How safe is your food?

By Dr. Dan

Many people raise some good questions about food safety, ones well worthy of discussion. One prime topic is food safety.

Monsanto has legal, ethical and moral responsibility for its products. The problem with all moral precepts, however, comes when the proverbial rubber meets the road–how does one implement one’s moral responsibilities and, given that one can always consider doing more, how does one know when one has been sufficiently diligent?

But here’s a mindblower. Food is not absolutely safe–it never was and it never will be. We KNOW that food consumption has … Full Article »