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2013 GAP Report: The Sub-Saharan Africa Challenge Featured Article

By Dr. Margaret Zeigler
Global Harvest Initiative 

Today, October 16, the Global Harvest Initiative released our 2013 GAP Report® at the World Food Prize in Des Moines, Iowa. The African presence at the World Food Prize is always significant. Dignitaries, farmers, agricultural experts, and international development professionals, among many others, travel to Des Moines from far and wide to learn and to meet new people that share their vision to improve global food and nutrition security.

It is always great to be a part of the World Food Prize and to experience first-hand the collective power of people … Full Article »

Global Harvest Initiative’s 3rd Productivity Report Featured Article

Yesterday at the World Food Prize meeting in Des Moines, Iowa, the partners (of which Monsanto is one) of the Global Harvest Initiative (GHI) announced the 2012 report on “Measuring Global Agricultural Productivity.” 

That’s a mouthful of a title for an important report on what is happening around the world agricultural productivity – an attempt to quantify and pinpoint what is going on in different regions of the world. 

Key findings in the 2012 report include: 

  • Food demand in Asia will result primarily from rising incomes rather than population increases.
  • In the Middle East and Africa, a growing food gap
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