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Farmer Choice Key to Successful and Sustainable Farming Featured Article

By Daniel Kruithoff,
Managing Director
Monsanto Australia & New Zealand

Agriculture is once again at the forefront of the national conversation about Australia’s future prosperity. Having ridden the mining boom all the way to shore, sectors such as agriculture are being viewed as the next wave of economic growth.

Improved market access through free trade agreements will undoubtedly help drive demand for Australia’s high quality food and fibre, particularly among the booming middle class of Asia.

What is less certain though is the capacity of Australian agriculture to sustainably increase productivity fast enough to capitalise on the opportunity of becoming … Full Article »

Climate Change and Our Food: Global Perspective Featured Article

For most of us, climate change is hard to wrap our heads around.  We don’t see it in the daily weather report, even though the weather is more unpredictable these days.  It’s not apparent when we draw a glass of water or check items off our lists at the grocery store, even though it might be impacting availability of both fresh water and food.

Climate change is happening, though, and it’s posing new challenges that can impact our food supply and our quality of life.  Diplomats from around the world are discussing and debating potential solutions this week at the … Full Article »

Am I 5 or 35? My Tale of Dinosaurs, Drones and Trucks on the Farm Featured Article

By Nick Weber
Digital Communications Team

It was 40°F and windy at 7:09 a.m. when we pulled up the driveway to Martz-Spears Farm in northern Illinois. Dustin Spears was saying good-bye to his wife as she headed to her job. Dustin dashed into the farm shed to grab something as we parked the car. When he reappeared, we made our introductions, but I got the sense he didn’t want to chit-chat; he wanted to get to the field.

So, within two minutes of arriving, I was in the passenger seat of his truck and heading to a 75-acre field about … Full Article »

Every Day is Earth Day on the Farm Featured Article

By Thomas Durant
South Carolina Farmer

After decades of conventional farm practices of plowing, bedding rows, planting and multiple cultivations, the soil on our South Carolina farm seemed “tired,” and so were we. We recognized there is a need for a delicate balance between forcing the soil to produce an annual crop and empowering the soil’s natural ability to be productive. That’s why our farm decided to look into conservation practices of no-till, cover crops and wildlife management that could improve our soil, our area’s ecosystem, and hopefully, our crops’ productivity.

And with Earth Day approaching, now is a good time to … Full Article »

Visiting with America’s Young Farmers & Ranchers

The baby boomer generation combined with smaller families and the lower birth rate has a lot of people aware of the “graying of America.” I saw a stat whizz past me yesterday on Twitter that pointed out that a majority of America’s farmers and ranchers are among the AARP target audience. And that we need to find more young farmers. Well, that’s the opportunity ahead of me this weekend as I get to attend part of the American Farm Bureau Federation’s Young Farmers & Ranchers Leadership Conference!

This will be my first time at the conference so I’m not sure … Full Article »

Why would a farmer or rancher create a blog?

The title of this post is a question I’ve been asked several times. It seems people don’t understand what would lead a farmer to set up and maintain a blog. That sort of writing and content creation used to be the sort of thing communications professionals laid claim to. The process seemed intimidating to others. But social media changed all of that and has given rise to a new type of content – blogs, Twitter accounts and Facebook pages that represent people’s individual passions.

But why farmers would want to blog is a question I’ve heard many times, even here … Full Article »