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Crops, Innovation, & Combines – Oh My! Featured Article

By Brandie Piper
Monsanto Corporate Engagement

I started my job at Monsanto four months ago. I came here from TV news, with no background in agriculture. I’ve learned a lot over the last few months, but my knowledge bank increased exponentially when I went to the 2015 Farm Progress Show.

Held each year in the Midwest, the Farm Progress Show is where agricultural companies set up booths and showcase the latest and greatest in farm innovations and demonstrate it for more than 100,000 farmers and agriculture students. It’s kind of like the Detroit Auto Show for farming.

So, on … Full Article »

Update from the Farm Progress Show Featured Article

The Farm Progress Show – one of U.S. agriculture’s “big events” – was held this year in Boone, Iowa, and Monsanto had a lot of news to announce.

Grow Rural Education

Some 176 school districts in 35 states have been selected to receive grants of up to $25,000.  The America’s Farmers Grow Rural EducationSM program, sponsored by the Monsanto Fund, will invest $2.3 million in rural schools across the United States during the 2012-2013 school year.

Weed Manager Plus Mobile Applications

Farmers can now rely on a new mobile application to support effective weed management, particularly of tough-to-control and … Full Article »

Who are you most afraid of – Darth Vader, Ninjas or Monsanto employees?

It happens. You create images of people and places you’ve never seen or met. And with some of the things that get said about Monsanto, it wouldn’t surprise me if some people said they were more afraid of Monsanto employees than they are of Darth Vader or ninjas. When I read a blog post, by a person I consider a friend through social media, that said something about the way she generally pictured my Monsanto colleagues and me in darkness. I have to admit to being a bit surprised. But more than that, I so appreciate her willingness to … Full Article »

DEKALB's "Big Reveal"

We usually talk about serious topics in this space. Today, we’re having a little fun.

Every day for the last 5 days, DEKALB has been posting a puzzle piece on Facebook, and today it pulled all of the puzzle pieces together to reveal the secret.

DEKALB has teamed up with Paul Jr. Designs of American Chopper to build a custom bike to celebrate 100 years of innovation and performance. The year 2012 will mark DEKALB’s 100th anniversary, and the “Chopper” is one way the anniversary is being promoted.

If you attend this year’s Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Ill. (Aug. … Full Article »

Monsanto Highlights Technology at "Yields of Tomorrow" Tour

A planter from the 1940's does not compare...

to the Gen V planter, a one-of-a-kind research planter

Farmers saw a series of “firsts” at the Monsanto “Yields of Tomorrow” tour at the 2009 Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Ill., today. I had the pleasure of viewing some of the new technology first hand.

Along with the rest of my tour group, I got a behind-the-scenes look at how Monsanto uses molecular information and marker-assisted breeding and backcrossing to pinpoint the best possible features in seeds to be used for future seeds and traits at the “Monsanto Lab.” In fact, we … Full Article »

Farm Progress Tweets

Twitter users stop for a photo during the tweetup today

One of the great things about Farm Progress has been the opportunity to put faces to many of the names I see online so often. During my time working the Social Media booth this morning, and then at an event later in the afternoon, I was pleased to meet a few people that I follow and @reply on a regular basis.

Twitter has been a great way to connect individuals with the same interests, especially when it comes to agriculture. The platform has been instrumental in bringing together a group … Full Article »

Greetings from Decatur, IL!

Driving up to Farm Progress 2009 this morning.

The event so many people in agriculture have been working toward is finally here: Farm Progress 2009. I am excited because it is my first farm show and what better first event than the “Super Bowl of Agriculture”? I am not quite sure what to expect, but my co-workers say it’s a blast. I DO hope that the “Yield’s of Tomorrow” tour and Social Media Booth (shameless plug), among other Monsanto exhibits are going to be a draw for attendees.

For those who may not be able to attend, you don’t have … Full Article »