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European Union decision limits innovation in agriculture Featured Article

Earlier today, the European Union (EU) amended the laws to allow its’ member state governments from one side to make their own decisions permitting cultivation of individual GM crops at national or regional level and at the same time let other states restrict or prohibit cultivation of individual GM crops at national or regional level for political reasons. This is despite the fact that the EU’s own regulatory experts, as well as other experts around the world, have declared them safe and GM crops have been used successfully around the globe-including in EU-for the past 20 years.

Since the European Union first … Full Article »

Monsanto’s Business in Europe Featured Article

Some recent reports are suggesting—again!—that Monsanto is withdrawing from business activities in Europe. The opposite is true. We’re actually expanding our operations in the conventional seed business in Europe, and will continue to sell Europe’s only successful commercial biotech crop, our MON810 corn, to farmers in several European countries. But we’ll no longer be pursuing approvals for cultivation of new biotech crops in Europe. Instead, we’ll focus on enabling imports of biotech crops into the EU and expanding our current business, particularly in Eastern Europe.

Monsanto´s business in Europe is very strong and growing. To better serve farmers in Europe, … Full Article »