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Earth Day and Corn Farming: 45 Years of Progress Featured Article

By Robert T. Fraley
Chief Technology Officer

Imagine, as the world grows more hot and crowded, not having to using more land for farms but returning some of it instead to forest and grassland. Imagine the reductions in soil erosion and water consumption, the decline of greenhouse gas emissions, and a host of other benefits for our planet.

It’s possible. Corn farmers have shown how.

So as we mark Earth Day this April, I want to call attention to an aspect of corn farming that is too often lost in the story of our food systems. I want to celebrate … Full Article »

Every Day is Earth Day on the Farm Featured Article

By Thomas Durant
South Carolina Farmer

After decades of conventional farm practices of plowing, bedding rows, planting and multiple cultivations, the soil on our South Carolina farm seemed “tired,” and so were we. We recognized there is a need for a delicate balance between forcing the soil to produce an annual crop and empowering the soil’s natural ability to be productive. That’s why our farm decided to look into conservation practices of no-till, cover crops and wildlife management that could improve our soil, our area’s ecosystem, and hopefully, our crops’ productivity.

And with Earth Day approaching, now is a good time to … Full Article »

Earth Day 2012 Featured Article

I was there at the first Earth Day – April 22, 1970. I was a freshman at LSU in Baton Rouge, and the Student Government Association, the Student Union and other organizations planned – and pulled off – a rather surprising number of events, speakers, entertainment, workshops and how-to demonstrations. 

What I remember the most was getting sunburned. I spent the entire day on LSU’s parade ground, a large grassy area in the very center of the university. At one time, it was where the ROTC cadets marched in formation. It had become the place for large student gatherings, like … Full Article »

Thinking About Dirt

Earth Day, 1970. The first one.

I was a college freshman at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. An entire array of events was planned on the large tract of land in front of the Student Union, known as the Parade Ground (and still known as that) for when ROTC was mandatory for freshmen boys. (Mandatory ROTC had ended the year before I started college.)

Encouraged by our professors, including my chemistry professor who cancelled classes for the day, my friends and I spent the entire day on the Parade Ground, listening to speeches, watching demonstrations, visiting information booths, enjoying … Full Article »