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Data Science: The Next Revolution in Sustainable Agriculture

By Mike Stern
President and Chief Operating Officer for Climate Corporation

Between now and 2050 the U.N. predicts our population will grow to 9.6 billion. As a result of that population growth, we see demand continuing to grow through the end of the decade and beyond by over 500 million bushels of corn and over 200 million bushels of soybeans annually over the next 5 years.   The question we need to answer is – how can farmers increase crop production sustainably to meet significant increases in demand?

Demand has largely been met over the past five years by putting more … Full Article »

Detasseling allows one line of corn to fertilize the other, producing a high-yielding hybrid, and prevents the plants from self-pollinating and ruining the hybrid line.

Precision Agriculture: News Roundup Featured Article

It’s hard these days to read an agricultural trade publication and not see a story about what’s called “precision agriculture.” This new approach is about systems integration – taking soil science, field science and data analysis, and then using precision equipment in a farmer’s specific fields. Technology is allowing for a kind of “mass customization.”

The benefits are numerous, including being able to target specific fields for the exact amount of inputs needed, promising better yields and potentially reducing costs.

Monsanto calls this Integrated Farming Systems, or IFS. The first product from this new platform is FieldScripts for corn. … Full Article »

A Good Work in Progress Featured Article

By Michael Doane
Vice President, Sustainable Agriculture Policy

This past week, we published our annual sustainability report. Although Monsanto has been publishing such a report for several years, oddly, this was not case for the vast majority of companies until recently. According to Hank Boerner of the Governance and Accountability Institute, the majority of Fortune 500 companies (53 percent) issued a sustainability report for the first time in 2012. Of those who issue a report, 63 percent do so following the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) framework.

I’m super proud of the steps Monsanto has taken over the past … Full Article »