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Beyond the Rows is a Monsanto Company blog focused on one of the world’s most important industries, agriculture. Monsanto employees write about Monsanto’s business, the agriculture industry, and the farmer.
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Growing Food More Sustainably: Conservation Tillage to the Rescue Featured Article

By Carlos Vicente Alberto
Sustainability Lead, Europe & Middle East

In 1985, during my final project at the School of Agricultural Engineers in Madrid, I embarked on something that may still seem strange to those unfamiliar with agriculture: growing plants without soil. The idea was to design a farm producing chicory using hydroponics, something that my classmates found novel at the time.

Hydroponics research was no gimmick – multiple crops can be grown this way today. But the fact remains: we need high-quality soil to grow the vast majority of our food, and we need to protect and conserve … Full Article »

A Better World for Our Children: World Environment Day 2014 Featured Article

By Gabriela Burian
Global Lead, Sustainable Agriculture Environment

If you have kids, like me, you’re probably concerned about their future. And doing everything that you feel is possible to help them to have a better world. Today is the World Environment Day, a good opportunity for reflection and perfect timing to reinforce environment causes that we care about.

Just as every child deserves access to nutritious food, every generation deserves a planet with enough resources to meet their needs. I feel blessed to be in a position to work toward both of these important goals, at a company that … Full Article »

Conservation Efforts and Partnerships in Brazil Featured Article

In 2008, Monsanto signed a $13 million shared-fund, five-year partnership with Conservation International (CI), a not-for-profit organization based in Washington, DC. Over the past four years, we’ve seen incredible advances in capacity building, research, articulation of partnerships and the recovery of degraded areas in Western Bahia, Cerrado, as well as other states of the Brazilian Northeast Region’s Atlantic Forest. These areas are hotspots of biodiversity, where conservation is a priority because of the dramatic expansion of Brazil’s agricultural sector and its exceptional level of native plants.

This partnership finds innovative ways to assist in, and has created opportunities for, effective … Full Article »

Conservation in Brazil Featured Article

The dramatic expansion of Brazil’s agricultural sector is an undeniable story of successful productivity growth, but it also has created significant opportunities for effective conservation and forest preservation. Under the watchful eye of the Brazilian government, the country’s farmers are legally obligated to set aside portions of their property for conservation.  

To help farmers meet conservation requirements in two biodiversity corridors—one in the Atlantic Forest (Northeast Corridor) and the other in Cerrado (Jalapão/Western Bahia Corridor)—Monsanto has partnered with Conservation International (CI). Through this collaboration, we believe we will encourage positive changes for biodiversity and natural habitats. 

Founded in 1987, CI … Full Article »