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The Green Data Revolution’s Role in Feeding Our Growing Population Featured Article

By Mike Stern
President and Chief Operating Officer, The Climate Corporation and Vice-President, Monsanto

The 1940s ushered in the first wave of what is now called the Green Revolution, which brought significant advancements in plant breeding. This era was quickly followed by additional waves of innovation in advanced breeding and biotechnology, which helped reduce risk and increase food production. The advances seen in the Green Revolution helped us to feed more than 2 billion people who joined our population over that time.

Today, we believe that we’re on the cusp of another important wave of innovation, the Green Data Revolution, … Full Article »

Data Science: The Next Revolution in Sustainable Agriculture

By Mike Stern
President and Chief Operating Officer for Climate Corporation

Between now and 2050 the U.N. predicts our population will grow to 9.6 billion. As a result of that population growth, we see demand continuing to grow through the end of the decade and beyond by over 500 million bushels of corn and over 200 million bushels of soybeans annually over the next 5 years.   The question we need to answer is – how can farmers increase crop production sustainably to meet significant increases in demand?

Demand has largely been met over the past five years by putting more … Full Article »

Encouraging Climate Smart Farming In Australia Featured Article

The pivotal role of innovation in improving the sustainability and competitiveness of Australian farmers was the focus of the company’s local management team at recent forums held in Melbourne.

Speaking at the annual conference of respected farm research body, the Australian Farm Institute, the company’s Managing Director in Australia and New Zealand, Daniel Kruithoff, discussed Monsanto’s investment in Climate Corp and the role of data analytics in improving farmers’ yields and sustainability.

“It is well documented that productivity growth in many parts of Australian agriculture has flatlined. Finding new ways to improve our productivity performance is only getting harder.

“Harnessing … Full Article »

White House Roundtable Advances Collaboration on Climate Change and Farming Featured Article

By Martha Schlicher
Global Stakeholder Engagement Lead

Environmental factors – weather, weeds and bugs – have always presented some of the most significant challenges that farmers face every single growing season. Today, climate change has emerged as one of the greatest environmental risks facing our food supply.  It will take heightened collaboration and innovation to help farmers adapt to the uncertainty that weather volatility presents, so that we can continue to count on them to give us choices for balanced meals, every meal, every day.

One of the most powerful tools we have to minimize the impact of climate change … Full Article »

Climate Corporation: Guiding Principles on Data and Privacy Featured Article

By David Friedberg
CEO, The Climate Corporation

As it always has, and always will, technology is changing our world.

Wireless Internet access is becoming ubiquitous.

Connected sensors are increasingly utilized in many of the tools we use.

Wireless data transmission is getting cheaper.

Data is becoming infinitely cheap to store.

It is getting easier to represent the real world with “data” – digital bits of information that represent a condition or fact about a real world system.

As it becomes infinitely cheap to create, transmit, and store, data can be used to understand the world around us.

And with better … Full Article »

11 Things You May Not Have Known About Monsanto in 2013 Featured Article

It was a busy year in 2013, and a number of significant events occurred with our businesses. In no particular order, here are 10 of them.

1. Monsanto announced a Clinton Global Initiative commitment to action on honey bee health. We also formed a Honey Bee Advisory Council and hosted the first of its kind Bee Health Summit.

2. Monsanto delivered a third consecutive year of strong growth on performance of our global portfolio.

3. Monsanto pledged an additional $3 million for corn rootworm research.

4. The company advanced a record 18 projects in our integrated yield pipelineFull Article »