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Celebrating Thanksgiving Day in Canada

By Brandie Piper
Monsanto Corporate Engagement

Every year on the second Monday of October most Canadians across the country celebrate Thanksgiving Day, and it’s celebrated with traditions similar to Thanksgiving Day in the United States; Canadians take the time to eat a meal with family and friends and give thanks.

Though there are small differences in how Americans and Canadians give thanks each autumn, the foods traditionally served tend to be the same. Turkey, stuffing, cranberries, mashed potatoes, sweet corn, roasted vegetables and pumpkin pie are staples at both holiday meals. Canadians are just as likely to host Thanksgiving dinner … Full Article »

Climate Change and Our Food: Global Perspective Featured Article

For most of us, climate change is hard to wrap our heads around.  We don’t see it in the daily weather report, even though the weather is more unpredictable these days.  It’s not apparent when we draw a glass of water or check items off our lists at the grocery store, even though it might be impacting availability of both fresh water and food.

Climate change is happening, though, and it’s posing new challenges that can impact our food supply and our quality of life.  Diplomats from around the world are discussing and debating potential solutions this week at the … Full Article »

David vs. Goliath On Stage? Featured Article

By Trish Jordan
Monsanto Canada

This past weekend, I attended a play.  You know, the on-stage kind with actors telling a story?

Making an effort to head to the theatre is not my traditional entertainment outing.  I am more into entertainment that involves curling, golf or football. But this play was different.  And important.

So off I ventured to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and Canada’s National Arts Centre (@CanadasNAC), with my best farmer friends in tow (on their own dime I might add).

Why? Well, I was finally going to see the play that attempts to tell the story of the … Full Article »

Farewell to Sochi Featured Article

By Trish Jordan
Monsanto Canada

Trish Jordan preparing to wave the Canadian flag

Sochi — All good things must come to an end.

I am on the road home from the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia.  Ten days ago, I started my Olympic journey, following a curling team and a sport I have grown to love.

As I travelled to Sochi last Saturday, I found myself reflecting on how I came to be on this road.  Today, my thoughts turn to my experience here, the team and the family of Team Jennifer Jones (who – in case you … Full Article »

A day off in Russia Featured Article

By Trish Jordan
Monsanto Canada

After a busy last couple of days in my 2014 Olympic Winter Games experience in Sochi, Russia, I was finally able to sleep in on Friday morning as the women’s Canadian curling team had a bye. Happy belated Valentine’s Day everyone!

It was great not to have to be down in the lobby of our hotel at our usual 7:30 am departure time. With the entire day ahead of us, we had a leisurely breakfast at the hotel and then a few of us decided to head to the outdoor market in Adler where we … Full Article »

Sochi 2014: Canada Olympic House Lows and Highs Featured Article

By Trish Jordan
Monsanto Canada

Canada House at Sochi

The past two days at the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia have been jam packed. And for the first time since last Sunday I actually had something go wrong and found myself being a little disappointed in people. It wasn’t with the Russian people though, or with my traveling companions; they’ve all been great. My disappointment was with a Canadian.

Those of you who have been following my posts from Sochi will remember that Canada House serves as a home away from home for the families and friends of … Full Article »

Sochi 2014 – The Adventure Continues Featured Article

By Trish Jordan
Monsanto Canada

Carol Jones, mother of Team skip Jennifer Jones, farmer and rancher Jesse Lawrence, and Trish

Just when I thought I couldn’t possibly pack more into a day, my Day #2 at the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia became one of my longest yet.

There was curling and NHL players and Elvis, oh my! And figure skating, coaches and bus trips that went awry. I got lost (with Carol Jones, mother of team Canada skip Jennifer Jones) and then found my way after pounding pavement for miles. Then I finished my day – well … Full Article »

Sochi – full of surprises on day one Featured Article

By Trish Jordan
Monsanto Canada

The Black Sea near the Canadian group hotel

This wasn’t what I was expecting.

Sure, I was somewhat prepared for the exhausting 26-hour travel time to get to Sochi, Russia from Winnipeg, Manitoba. And I was also prepared for a bit of jet lag and adjusting to some lack of sleep. But to see the 2014 Winter Olympic Games, I was ready to take whatever was thrown my way.  So far, just a day in, it has been nothing but a whole lot of good.

What I wasn’t expecting was Sochi.  And most certainly I … Full Article »

My Olympic Experience Featured Article

By Trish Jordan
Monsanto Canada

I am on the road to Sochi, Russia and the 2014 Winter Olympic Games.  As I sit in the Frankfurt airport waiting to board my flight, I am reflecting on how I came to be in this fortunate spot. Like most of the really great experiences I have had working in agriculture for 30 years, it all started with a farmer.

Team Canada

It was 2007 and Monsanto Canada had already begun building a connection to the sport of curling through a national sponsorship relationship with the Canadian Curling Association.  Curling – like hockey and … Full Article »

Canadian Canola: Innovation + Investment = Gains Featured Article

The story of canola production in Canada is a great example of how private industry investment in breeding and biotechnology, coupled with an industry wide focus on improved agronomic practices, can lead to enhanced farm profitability generated by increased yields.

Canola is a “made–in-Canada” success story.  Canola was originally called rapeseed and was produced for the industrial lubricant market from the 1940s to 1960s.  In the 1960s, public sector Canadian scientists modified the oil profile to produce “double low rapeseed.” The name of the modified grain in Canada was formally changed to “canola” in 1974.

During these years, the yield … Full Article »