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Brazilian Journalists Visit with American Farmers Featured Article

In the spirit of sharing more information and fostering discussion with others around the challenges of producing food and the technologies that can help with this challenge, Monsanto Brazil invited reporters from the Brazilian newspapers Valor Econômico and Correio Braziliense, and the TV channel Terra Viva, to meet with farmers in the U.S., attend the Farm Progress show and tour Monsanto’s facilities.

“We want to have conversations about food and an open dialog about our products and the latest technologies that are going to help farmers produce more in a sustainable way. Plus, while farms back in their country … Full Article »

Monsanto Brazil Presents Program for Rural Landowners Featured Article

Golden Delta aims to benefit and empower rural landowners who develop good social-environmental practices.

Representatives from companies, financial institutions, the government and civil society discussed solutions to increase food production while reducing negative impacts on the environment at the 2014 Katoomba XIX Conference in Iguazu Falls, Brazil, on March 19-20. The event, organized by the North American NGO Forest Trends and themed “Scaling Up Sustainable Commodity Supply Chains,” was primarily focused on meat and soybean production.

Daniela Mariuzzo, Monsanto corporate social responsibility and sustainability manager in Brazil, attended as one of the roundtable delegates on the innovations in agribusiness. She … Full Article »

Ten Monsanto Workplace Recognitions in 2013 Featured Article

Monsanto received a number of recognitions in 2013, and they had to do with some hard work by our people, and the kind of workplace Monsanto is.

The company was named one of the world’s Best Multinational Workplaces by Great Places to Work, named to the list of 25 companies for the second year in a row. Monsanto was ranked No. 12.

The company was also named a Great Place to Work in Paraguay and Argentina, and one of the 130 best companies to work for in Brazil. And in a survey of university students and recent graduates … Full Article »

Bringing the Museum to Children Featured Article

By Brian Russell
Public Affairs 

For children in rural communities in Brazil, the opportunity to visit a museum is rare. Thanks to Monsanto, it doesn’t have to be.

Monsanto is a primary sponsor of Museu Itinerante Monsanto, a traveling museum with reproductions of famous Brazilian and international art focused on the theme of water. The museum travels throughout Brazil, visiting rural cities where it will set up in local public spaces such as libraries, universities or even a mall and offer children and local residents the opportunity to see first-hand reproductions of famous art. An educational book also is … Full Article »

Monsanto One of 130 Best Companies to Work for in Brazil Featured Article

Monsanto is one of the 130 Best Companies to Work for in Brazil, according to a survey by the global research firm Great Place to Work®, which has conducted this survey in Brazil for 17 years.

In 2013, 1.095 companies were evaluated in Brazil and Monsanto won the 10th place in the category “Large” (70 companies with over 1000 employees). The other categories are “Medium and Small Multinational Companies” (30 companies, 100-999 employees) and “Medium and Small National Companies” (30 companies, 100-999 employees). Monsanto Brazil is also one of six companies named to the list for 14 consecutive years.… Full Article »

Monsanto Brazil Inaugurates Research Site in Petrolina Featured Article

On Monday, Monsanto Brazil opened a new research facility in Petrolina (State of Pernambuco), aimed at accelerating development of technologies for corn, soybeans, cotton, sorghum and sugarcane in the country.

The research station occupies 4337.5 square meters of constructed area. Initially, the center is focusing on incorporating biotechnology and breeding to crops such as corn, and conducting research for evaluation and development of new hybrids and manufacture of seeds. In the future, other crops of Monsanto’s portfolio in Brazil, such as soybeans, sorghum, cotton, sugarcane and vegetables, can be worked at the site with programs similar to corn.

Petrolina has … Full Article »

Monsanto Fund: Dateline Brazil Featured Article

Healthy Futures Through Knowledge 

For more than a decade, the Monsanto Fund has supported INMED Brazil in their quest to improve the health, nutritional status and environmental awareness of 1.5 million children in Brazil. Through the Healthy Children, Healthy Futures program, INMED is working to: 

◦Reduce hunger among participating children by increasing the availability of nutritious produce through school gardens and nutrition education for teachers, school food workers and parents of school-age children; 

◦Improve children’s health and nutritional status by increasing their access to nutritious foods, treating them for infections that rob them of vital nutrients, and educating them … Full Article »

Conserving More: Habitats Protected or Restored Part 2 Featured Article

Monsanto strives to be a leader in respecting the land and conserving our planet’s natural resources for many years. Our efforts to maintain sustainable, bio-diverse ecosystems at various company sites continue to improve around the globe. 

Corporate Lands for Learning (CLL)  

This program fosters a clear understanding of the interdependence of ecology, economics, and social structures in both urban and rural areas. CLL certification provides corporate sites with third-party recognition for their educational efforts. 

As of 2011, Monsanto has six sites awarded with a (CLL ) certificate. Below is an example of the impressive work in habitat preservation work … Full Article »

Conservation in Brazil Featured Article

The dramatic expansion of Brazil’s agricultural sector is an undeniable story of successful productivity growth, but it also has created significant opportunities for effective conservation and forest preservation. Under the watchful eye of the Brazilian government, the country’s farmers are legally obligated to set aside portions of their property for conservation.  

To help farmers meet conservation requirements in two biodiversity corridors—one in the Atlantic Forest (Northeast Corridor) and the other in Cerrado (Jalapão/Western Bahia Corridor)—Monsanto has partnered with Conservation International (CI). Through this collaboration, we believe we will encourage positive changes for biodiversity and natural habitats. 

Founded in 1987, CI … Full Article »

Recent Studies on Benefits of Biotech Crops Featured Article

Three recent studies – of biotech crops in Brazil, Argentina and India – all note the benefits of crops with biotechnology traits. 

Celeres Ambiental, a consulting firm based in Brazil, looked at the impact of GM cotton, GM corn and herbicide-resistant soybeans for Brazilian farmers. The study, undertaken for the Brazilian Seed and Seedling Association, evaluated both the economic benefits to the farmers who have adopted biotechnology as well as the environmental benefits to society.  

The study found that for every $1 that the farmer invested in biotech seed, Brazilian farmers obtained an incremental return that averaged US$ 2.61 … Full Article »