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A Proactive Approach Made the Difference in Corn Rootworm Control This Season Featured Article

By John Chambers, Global Corn Technology Lead

Over the summer, I had the opportunity to drive through such states as Iowa and Illinois and admire some tremendous corn fields. Now, as we head into a record setting harvest season, I can’t help but feel proud of how farmers and the agriculture industry overall managed to minimize corn rootworm damage this season, to help maximize this crop’s growth potential.

Over the past several years, farmers, academics, seed companies, and retailers have worked together to identify Best Management Practices (BMPs) to help manage corn rootworm, one of the most devastating pestsFull Article »

Scouting is Key to the Success of Late-Planted Corn Featured Article

By Luke Samuel
Corn Insect Traits Manager

When it comes to farming it’s always tough to predict the weather from one year to the next. Turn the clock back one year and we were all talking about how the combination of a mild winter, early spring planting and a hot, lengthy summer drought created significant stress on corn and soybean crops. This, in turn, resulted in small root masses and heavy corn rootworm pressure throughout the Corn Belt.

What a difference a year makes. With much of the country experiencing a far wetter than normal spring, many growers were delayed … Full Article »

Farmers Adopt 2012 Best Management Practices in 2011 Fields with Unexpected Corn Rootworm Damage Featured Article

Since launching insect-protected corn rootworm traits in 2003, Monsanto has seen pockets of heavy corn rootworm infestation, especially in geographies where there’s a long history of corn-on-corn plantings.  Farmers in these areas may see intense rootworm pressure that can overwhelm rootworm-protected corn plants, leading to performance inquiries.  

As in years past and similar to 2011, we anticipate the number of corn rootworm performance claims in 2012 will constitute a tiny fraction of the total number of acres planted to this technology.  We are working with academics, the Environmental Protection Agency, and other key stakeholders to understand why trait performance is … Full Article »

2012 Best Management Practices Helping Growers Effectively Control Corn Rootworm Populations Featured Article

By Ty Vaughn
Corn Product Management Lead

Agriculture is being challenged this year with a widespread lack of moisture that is creating immense stress on corn and soybean crops. This situation began in 2011 with a very hot and dry fall followed by an unusually warm and dry winter. In addition, the warm spring accelerated planting as well as some of the challenges that normally appear later in the season, such as corn rootworm pressure. 

In 2012, we took an aggressive approach regarding corn rootworm pressure to better understand it and the factors that impact product performance. First, we … Full Article »