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Beyond the Rows is a Monsanto Company blog focused on one of the world’s most important industries, agriculture. Monsanto employees write about Monsanto’s business, the agriculture industry, and the farmer.
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Monsanto Headed to the Super Bowl Featured Article

For many people, snacking on chips, guacamole, and popcorn with family and friends is as much a part of the Super Bowl experience as the game itself. Consumption estimates from last year’s big game prove just that: 11 million pounds of potato chips, 80 million avocados, and nearly 4 million pounds of popcorn were downed at watch parties in 2013. Thank you, America’s farmers!

Another big part of the Super Bowl experience is, of course, the commercials (and football). And this year Monsanto will again have a stake in the game.

“Monsanto will be advocating for America’s farm families on … Full Article »

Wherever your day takes you, chances are it began with a farmer Featured Article

A family gives thanks at the dinner table. A preschooler selects her favorite green crayon. A boy and his friends watch an action flick with a big bowl of popcorn. All of these are treasured moments, but did you know all of these special memories actually began with a farmer?

These are not only moments we can all relate to, but they also highlight the values shared between farmers and consumers. We took the idea of these shared moments and made it core of the next evolution of Monsanto’s “America’s Farmers” advocacy program.

The new program, called “Begins with a … Full Article »

Cultivating the Next Generation with America’s Farmers Grow Ag Leaders Featured Article

Farming is hard work. It always has been. No one understands that more than those giving their all, sunrise to sunset, cultivating the land. These days, farmers face a vast new set of challenges when it comes to meeting the demands of our world. Driven by new technologies and scientific advancements, farmers are meeting today’s demand, but are looking to the next generation for new ideas, enthusiasm and energy.

Every year, about 25,000 agricultural jobs go unfilled due to a lack of qualified applicants. The agriculture industry needs talented, driven and passionate young people willing to make a commitment to … Full Article »

What Monsanto Employees Stand For Featured Article

Fighting hunger in rural America, because 15 percent of rural households go to bed hungry.

Working to grow more food with less water.

Reaching out to help victims of a massive storm.

Sacrificing to protect their country.

Growing jobs and communities.

Helping grow rural education.

Assuring the safety of the products we sell.

Supporting community organizations.

Partnerships to achieve important goals.

Honoring agricultural innovators.

Helping tell the story of agriculture.

Recognizing what farmers do for America.

Striving for technological innovation.

Supporting science education.

Recycling to reduce wastes and use … Full Article »

How Many Crayons in an Acre of Soybeans? Featured Article

What is the highest natural source of dietary fiber?

How many $100 bills can be made from a bale of cotton?

How much of the world’s corn does the United States produce?

In 1960, the average U.S. farmer fed 26 people. How many does the farmer feed today?

No, it’s not an agriculture trivia game.

Over at America’s Farmers, the “Did You Know” section has been updated with new facts, infographics and information on American agricultural production. It’s a collection of a lot of fun facts, and even a video or two.

Behind the fun facts, though, is … Full Article »

Monsanto Fund: America’s Farmers Grow Communities Featured Article

Wouldn’t you love the opportunity to donate $2,500 to your favorite charity? Through the Monsanto Fund’s America’s Farmers Grow Communities, farmers can register for the opportunity to contribute money toward their favorite non-profit community organizations.   

Since launching in 2010, the Monsanto Fund has proudly supported America’s Farmers Grow Communities and has invested over $7.3 million in local non-profit organizations across the country. This year, the program expanded by 26 additional counties and expects to contribute more than $3 million in 1,271 counties across 39 U.S. states.

In the past, winning farmers have supported various non-profit organizations including agriculture youth groups, … Full Article »

Growing Rural America One Community at a Time Featured Article

America’s Farmers Grow CommunitiesSM, sponsored by the Monsanto Fund, supports local farming communities. The program, launched in 2010, allows farmers to enter to win $2,500 for their favorite community nonprofit organization, such as; 4-H, FFA, Schools, Fire Departments and other civic groups. One winner will be selected in each of the 1,271 eligible counties in 39 states. 

Farmers are small business owners and their investments generate income for local businesses, provide jobs for their neighbors, and support local charities. So when an extraordinary circumstance, like drought, hits a county, the impact affects everyone in the community. To date, nearly 500 counties have … Full Article »

Monsanto Helps with the Drought Featured Article

Early Saturday morning, I awakened to the sound of something I hadn’t heard in a while – a thunderstorm, and a fairly significant one. The room was lighting up with the flashes on lightning outside, and the rain continued off and on for almost four hours. On Saturday night, another series of thunderstorms rolled through the St. Louis metropolitan area. All told, the area received more than two inches of desperately needed rain. 

For city and suburban residents, the drought concerns have been centered on trees, gardens and lawns. For farmers, the drought concerns have been centered on corn, soybeans, … Full Article »