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10.9.14 A Look Back at SXSW Eco cropped v3

A Look Back at SXSW Eco Featured Article

This week a few of my Monsanto colleagues and I attended SXSW Eco for the first time. It’s a conference that brings together a variety of people who all touch environmental topics and being in the midst of all those perspectives was a pretty amazing experience.

SXSW always hosts events with engaged participants who want to discuss important topics, and Eco is no different. We decided to attend the conference this year because, like other participants, we want to participate in the dialogue that inspires action toward addressing important challenges in our changing world.

Throughout the week, I had the … Full Article »

Bored man waiting in traffic jam

Fatigued Driving is like Drunk Driving

By Annemieke De Wilde, MD, MPH, FACOEM Corporate Director Occupational Medicine

Oct. 6-10 is the National of Employees for Traffic Safety’s (NETS) Drive Safely Work Week. In recognition of this time focused on safe driving behaviors, a Monsanto employee discusses one of the greatest roadway risks – fatigue.

When the opportunity was presented to me to blog about fatigue and driving, I embraced this chance to share with you what I have learned over the years about fatigue. Fatigue as a result of sleep deprivation can kill or maim. It is that simple; or rather, that scary. So many of … Full Article »

Working Together To Strengthen Our Communities

By Al Mitchell, Monsanto Assistant Controller

A native of St. Louis, I am lucky to have spent a fair amount of my teenage years growing up in Ferguson, Missouri.

It was a really incredible place to be a kid – and sometimes it feels like only yesterday that my friends and I were ripping around town on our bikes, playing the pinball machines at the arcade in Northland Shopping Center, playing pick-up basketball at Wayside Park, or grabbing an ice cream at Velvet Freeze on the way home from visiting friends and family whom lived in the city of St. … Full Article »

10.6.14 Carrot pickers at Black Water Farm

Monsanto Canada “carrot crew” harvest carrots for food bank Featured Article

By John Lynch and Ruth Thurston

Whose hang up is it, anyway?

On September 19 a team of nine Monsanto Canada employees – our entire governmental and regulatory affairs group in Ottawa, ON – got out of the office and got our hands dirty picking carrots for the Ottawa Food Bank. It feels really good to say that now, not only because we accomplished something together, but also because for a while we wondered if it would happen.

We originally identified this opportunity in the summer. Through the Monsanto Fund, Monsanto Canada supports the Ontario Association of Food Banks’ Community … Full Article »

10.6.14 Croppop_Honeydew_Avocado_photo_cropped

Crop Pops: A Fun Way to Enjoy Fruits and Vegetables Featured Article

By Wendy Reinhardt Kapsak, MS, RDN
Monsanto Vegetable Seeds

Fall is upon us and we are all getting back into the groove of school, homework, and extracurricular activities. It feels like a fresh start. But there is more freshness to this season than back-to-school. It is also a time when we have plenty of in-season produce, thanks to vegetable growers around the world.

This month, you will notice your local farmers’ markets and grocery stores have a wide selection of some of my favorite produce, like corn, peppers, melons, and cucumbers. It’s the time of year when our hardworking farmer … Full Article »

Beeologics shoot 2013.


By Jerry Hayes, Honey Bee Health Lead at Monsanto

This week, my friends and I will join a global community at South by Southwest Eco (SXSW Eco) to explore solutions for a sustainable world.  As part of our commitment to engage in open dialogue, we’ll sit in on a variety of sustainability, farming, food and environmental workshops to learn and listen about the great work and ideas taking place around the world.

I also look forward to contributing to the panel Bees: What the Buzz is All About to discuss how we can protect the health of a … Full Article »

10.1.14 Storytelling session in Cagayan

Monsanto Philippines Storytelling Sessions Underscore Sustainability, Helping Others, and Improving Lives Featured Article

The Provincial Learning and Resource Center of Cagayan, Philippines recently held a storytelling session on the only Filipino children’s book on biotech corn seeds titled Lina’s Town Rises Again.

Lina’s Town Rises Again was written for elementary school children to develop a basic understanding of the impact of agriculture products, specifically Dekalb corn seeds in social, economic and environmental terms. It touches on the themes of sustainability, collaboration and safety by narrating the true and inspiring story of how agricultural biotechnology seeds positively transformed a woman farmer’s life, and enabled her farming community to recover economically in the aftermath of … Full Article »

Supporting a Federal Approach to Food Labeling Featured Article

This November citizens in Colorado will be asked to vote on a ballot initiative called Proposition 105 that would require warning labels on thousands of food products that include an ingredient from genetically modified (GM) crops.  Like recent California and Washington state labeling initiatives, which voters rejected, Proposition 105 would mandate a special interest requirement that will increase food costs for taxpayers without providing any safety or nutritional benefits.  Many who support these labeling measures call them ‘right-to-know’ initiatives.  We stand with millions across the U.S. who believe everyone has the right to know more about these measures and whether … Full Article »

9.26.14 Donations to Youth Focused Partnerships cropped v3

New Programs Take Different Paths to Support Collaboration and Education Featured Article

Education and collaboration go hand in hand. We at Monsanto depend on a wide range of universities, organizations and other partners as we work together to help feed a growing population in a more sustainable manner. And we know the importance of fostering the next generation of farmers, researchers and scientists as well.

Our support of education and collaborative partners takes many forms. We recently announced two initiatives that support education in very different ways. We’re excited about the potential of both of these programs to advance critical research and to help hone the skills of tomorrow’s leaders in STEM … Full Article »

golden sun wheat

Update to USDA Investigation of 2013 Oregon Detection of Genetically Engineered Wheat Featured Article

Today the USDA officially closed its investigation of the detection of Genetically Engineered (GE) wheat in Oregon with the conclusion that there was no GE wheat that had made it into commerce. There are also no food safety concerns associated with the GE wheat found in Oregon. See the full comments below.

USDA’s report is welcome news for U.S. wheat industry

Today’s report by the USDA affirms that no genetically modified wheat is in commerce and that the commercial seed and grain supply does not contain genetically modified wheat. This finding is supported by extensive testing by USDA, state universities, Monsanto and others. The … Full Article »