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Beyond the Rows is a Monsanto Company blog focused on one of the world’s most important industries, agriculture. Monsanto employees write about Monsanto’s business, the agriculture industry, and the farmer.
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A Summer at Monsanto Featured Article

By Kassie Curran
Summer Intern

Have you ever taken an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone? I can think of many times where I have taken opportunities like this, and they’ve always ended up being significant growth experiences with lasting benefits. I remember the first time I went to a livestock judging contest when I was 7 years old – I was terrified because I wasn’t fully prepared for what I was getting into, but after 12 years of livestock judging I had countless experiences that taught me critical thinking, confidence, hard work, and a love for challenge. … Full Article »

Ag Nerd

Mommy Bloggers, Monsanto and Me Featured Article

By Janice Person
Social Engagement Outreach

Recently, as I flew home from a college friend’s wedding, I chatted with the person next to me on the flight. She had seen the #AgNerd sticker on my iPad keyboard and had to ask about it. As I explained what an agnerd is and what I do for a living, she proclaimed that I have the most interesting job ever!

She was giddy with excitement talking about how many people must love that we are now reaching out to bloggers and helping connect them with some of the farmers we work with and some of … Full Article »

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Talking with People in New Venues and Channels Featured Article

By Natalie DiNicola
Sustainability and Partnerships

I am a mother, a cyclist, a scientist and a Monsanto employee. I care about my family and friends, my community, and the environment. I care about alleviating hunger both abroad and here at home in the United States, and this is why I am excited about what we’re doing here at Monsanto.  And I’m eager for people to know more about our collaborations and work, and to learn about ways we can do more to make a positive impact.

I believe that an open conversation is needed surrounding food and agriculture. At Monsanto, we are committed … Full Article »

Monsanto Fund support in the field for Community Growing Project program.  From left: Bernie Brandt, Mark Reimer, Harold Penner, and Trish Jordan

Collaborating with others to fight global hunger Featured Article

By Trish Jordan
Monsanto Canada

One of the things I really love about my job is the opportunity it provides to build relationships with farmers and collaborate with external stakeholders to reach common goals.

Monsanto Canada engages in many partnerships – both in our day-to-day business activities and through our corporate engagement in the community.   This week on a farm visit to rural Manitoba, I was reminded how fortunate I am to witness the benefit of partnering with others to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives.

Farmers and Foodgrains Bank thank Monsanto Canada and Monsanto Fund. From left: Mark

Full Article »

Setting the record straight on Monsanto’s collaboration with Tekmira Featured Article

There have been recent rumors that Monsanto has partnered with the Department of Defense to work with Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Corporation to develop a vaccine against Ebola. This rumor is exactly that: a rumor.

As part of our ongoing efforts to provide sustainable solutions for agriculture, Monsanto has been partnering with others who are experts in their fields. At Monsanto, we recognize that the best solutions come from collaboration. Tekmira is a leading developer of delivery and formulation technology within the pharmaceutical industry. Our agreement with Tekmira specifically relates to their proprietary delivery and formulation technology, and will allow us to Full Article »

small corn

Safety is priority No. 1 for Monsanto’s seasonal workers Featured Article

By Al Henderson
Seed Site Manager, Grinnell, Iowa

Some people spend their careers in an office.  I’ve spent most of mine in a field.  For the past 30 years, I’ve managed our corn seed production site in Grinnell, Iowa.  That means every summer, I’m out in the field as our crews walk the rows to detassel corn plants.

For those not familiar with hybrid corn, detasseling is a critical step as we work to make the highest quality corn hybrids for our farmers.  It’s as simple as pulling the tassels out of the top of corn plants, and Monsanto typically … Full Article »


Watermelons Around the World Featured Article

Whether it’s the size, shape, color, pattern design, or even the seed count, watermelons vary in physical appearance all across the globe. For example, Americans love their watermelon seedless, covered in stripes, and often in a smaller size, Aussies prefer a melon with a deep green rind and a more round shape, while Japan is famous for their cube and heart-shaped varieties.

Differences aside, the reality is that we all may have our own preferences on what we believe a watermelon should look like, but one thing remains the same from country to country, the world can’t get enough of … Full Article »


Australia Cotton communities set to receive $150,000 in grants Featured Article

Cotton growers across New South Wales and Queensland in Australia have the opportunity to direct philanthropic investment to their local community groups, thanks to a new initiative from the Monsanto Fund in partnership with the Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal (FRRR).

The Aussie Cotton Farmers Grow Communities grants program will allow cotton farmers to nominate a local not-for-profit group or charity they believe deserves one of thirty $5,000 grants that are available across cotton growing regions in Queensland and New South Wales.

Alexandra Gartmann, FRRR’s chief executive, said this is a rare opportunity for farmers to direct $5,000 to … Full Article »

White House Roundtable Advances Collaboration on Climate Change and Farming Featured Article

By Martha Schlicher
Global Stakeholder Engagement Lead

Environmental factors – weather, weeds and bugs – have always presented some of the most significant challenges that farmers face every single growing season. Today, climate change has emerged as one of the greatest environmental risks facing our food supply.  It will take heightened collaboration and innovation to help farmers adapt to the uncertainty that weather volatility presents, so that we can continue to count on them to give us choices for balanced meals, every meal, every day.

One of the most powerful tools we have to minimize the impact of climate change … Full Article »

I am a Monsanto Collaborator Featured Article

By Jesus Madrazo
Vice President, Corporate Engagement

The world faces a lot of big challenges today – climate change, feeding another 2 billion people in the next three decades, and protecting the environment are just a few. Solving those big problems will require debate, dialogue, diversity of opinion and lots of people working together. Reasonable people can and should disagree about how to solve those problems – that’s healthy.

But there’s a big difference between healthy debate and demonizing people you disagree with.  Personal attacks don’t move any of us closer to solutions.  To the contrary, those attacks make it … Full Article »