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Here we go again: Dr. Oz and glyphosate

We just watched the latest episode of Dr. Oz, and sadly, we weren’t surprised by what we saw.  Just like he did back in April, Dr. Oz used the IARC classification of glyphosate in Category 2A to raise confusion and concern with his viewers.

As a company, we’re eager for folks to know more about how our products help farmers produce food in a more environmentally sustainable way.  We want folks to know that we take safety extremely seriously, and glyphosate has undergone rigorous safety evaluations by regulatory agencies around the world.  Unfortunately, experience has shown us that with … Full Article »

From NYC to Paris: The Road to a Cooler Planet Featured Article

By Gabriela Burian

When my daughter has a temperature of over 102°F no one has to tell me she’s sick. I see the signs before ever reaching for my thermometer. And if her fever goes much higher, we’re off to the doctor or emergency room.

Perhaps not coincidently, a comparable rise in the earth’s average temperature, of 2°C*, puts us all at a similar threshold – where manageable meets dangerous. Scientists agree that the earth is warming and, if left unchecked, that the negative impacts will be irreversible.

But luckily, while our planet may already have a “fever,” there is … Full Article »

Ag Innovation Showcase – How collaboration drives success

By Brad Griffith
Global Microbials Commercial Lead

This week, The Donald Danforth Plant Science Center and The Bio Research & Development Growth Park will convene agricultural innovators from around the world for the seventh annual Ag Innovation Showcase. Some of the sharpest minds and biggest new ideas descend on their campus in St. Louis, a city that has always played a pivotal role in agriculture innovation. This year’s Ag Innovation Showcase might bring the next revolutionary innovation for farmers and the agriculture industry.

As we’ve seen with innovations like biotechnology, that next big idea might be something that is … Full Article »

The Corn Debate in Mexico Featured Article

By Jesus Madrazo
Global Corporate Engagement Lead

Corn is one of Mexico’s greatest gifts to the world – every year, farmers around the world grow more of it than any other grain. This is possible because generations of farmers in Mexico, thousands of years ago, used selective breeding to gradually alter the DNA of the native grass teosinte. You can still find teosinte growing wild in many parts of our country, but it doesn’t look anything like the corn most people are familiar with.

This is teosinte, the native grass that is an ancestor to today’s corn.

Maize is a … Full Article »

Addressing questions about California’s Prop 65 list and glyphosate safety

Sharing some important information on California’s intention to add glyphosate to Prop 65 list

As consumers ourselves, the safety of our products is our top priority, and we strongly disagree with the recent announcement by the California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) of its notice of intent to add glyphosate to the state’s Proposition 65 list.

OEHHA’s sole basis for its proposed listing of glyphosate is the classification of glyphosate earlier this year by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). OEHHA interprets Prop 65 to allow it simply to accept the IARC classification without further … Full Article »

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Crops, Innovation, & Combines – Oh My! Featured Article

By Brandie Piper
Monsanto Corporate Engagement

I started my job at Monsanto four months ago. I came here from TV news, with no background in agriculture. I’ve learned a lot over the last few months, but my knowledge bank increased exponentially when I went to the 2015 Farm Progress Show.

Held each year in the Midwest, the Farm Progress Show is where agricultural companies set up booths and showcase the latest and greatest in farm innovations and demonstrate it for more than 100,000 farmers and agriculture students. It’s kind of like the Detroit Auto Show for farming.

So, on … Full Article »

When Scientists Get Hold of a Hashtag

By Brandie Piper
Monsanto Corporate Engagement

Over the weekend, the hashtag #scienceamoviequote started trending among the science community on Twitter. Tweeters take a movie quote and then make it “science-y.” A few that we thought were particularly clever:

Full Article »
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I Hated Science in School. Now, Understanding It Is Part of My Job Featured Article

By Nick Weber
Monsanto Corporate Engagement

I hated science classes in grade school and high school. In grade school, I was more concerned about perfecting spitball techniques than learning the Periodic Table. When our science fair projects were discontinued, I might have been the happiest kid in the school. In high school, dissecting the fetal pig was gross. When it came time as a senior to choose between Anatomy and Physiology or Physics, I chose the former because it seemed easier (I still hated it; had to dissect another pig and the teacher threw in a cow’s eyeball for fun). … Full Article »

Our Perspective: The Truth about Public Health and Safety of GMOs and Herbicides

Op-ed in New England Journal of Medicine by authors Philip Landrigan and Charles Benbrook misrepresented extensive regulatory evaluations of glyphosate and other herbicides

By Daniel Goldstein, M.D., Senior Science Fellow & Scientific Affairs Lead, and
Donna Farmer, Ph.D., Product Protection & Nutrition Lead

As a company, our mission is to deliver a broad range of tools to help farmers produce better harvests in a more environmentally sustainable way.  We’re absolutely committed to the safety of our products – whether those products are conventional or GMO seeds or pesticides, and we firmly believe that the only way to ensure safety … Full Article »

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Monocultures: The Myth…the Reality…the Future Featured Article

By Robert T. Fraley, Chief Technology Officer

Myth – By leading farmers to focus on a small number of highly lucrative seeds, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) foster the spread of monocultures. As a result, they erode biodiversity and actually put humanity at risk of famine through increased crop vulnerability to disease.


“Very simply,” in the words of Michael Pollan, “a field of identical plants will be exquisitely vulnerable to insects, weeds, and disease. Monoculture is at the root of virtually every problem that bedevils the modern farmer…”

Context – Monocultures – large areas planted with the same type of crop – predate the development of GMOs by decades if not centuries. That’s because the real driver Full Article »