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Our Adoption Story Featured Article

By Robb Fraley
Chief Technology Officer

As we near Father’s Day, I often think of those really important topics of discussion you have when you and your significant other are getting serious — the topic of “kids.” My wife Laura and I had talked about adoption as a great way to eventually add to our future family. It was a strong possibility in the back of our minds as we moved forward with our wedding and new life together.

As newlyweds, we spent our first two years in San Francisco where I was doing my post-doc work and Laura worked … Full Article »

GMA Contests Legality of Vermont Labeling Law Featured Article

Yesterday, the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) and several other trade organizations filed suit to contest the legality of the recently enacted mandatory GM labeling law in Vermont. This had been expected since May, when the GMA announced it was considering legal action.

Monsanto believes a state-by-state patchwork of labeling laws will create confusion and uncertainty for consumers, and additionally would force consumers to pay more for the food they need.  We support the food industry’s decision to challenge the legality of the labeling law in Vermont, and we also support the Coalition for Safe Affordable Foods’ (CFSAF) position that … Full Article »

Building Bridges through Dialogue Featured Article

Robb Fraley on stage with Chef Michael Chiarello and Cory Johnson of CoryTV at the Bloomberg Next Big thing Summit.

By Robb Fraley
Chief Technology Officer

Good collaboration and communication are just as important as good science. In that spirit, I’m focused this week on building bridges with others who share the goals of safe, sustainable and affordable food for all.

At Bloomberg’s Next Big Thing panel in Sausalito, California, I sat down with Cory Johnson of Bloomberg TV and Chef Michael Chiarello to talk about forming diverse partnerships in search of common food solutions. This is a critical discussion … Full Article »

Monsanto Korea Conducts Safety Training Session for Elementary School Students Featured Article

On May 30, Kim Young Kyun, Senior ESH Technician for Monsanto Korea and Japan, provided a safety training session to local elementary school students near the Jochiwon R&D Center. This school, located in a rural area, has only 67 students.

The program focused on safety in the children’s daily lives, both inside and outside of school. Some of the components of the program included:

  • Vehicle safety that students should keep in mind on their way to school
  • Why and how students should sit with good posture and the importance of stretching during and in between classes
  • Field safety required
Full Article »

New rankings demonstrate Monsanto’s commitment to sustainability Featured Article

By Bob Reiter
Global Supply Chain Lead

Monsanto works every day to provide a range of tools to help farmers grow more food, using fewer resources and having less impact on the environment.  This work has resulted in recognition for Monsanto in three respected rankings of corporate sustainability.  We also know that there is more work to be done.

This week, Monsanto was ranked No. 68 on the Newsweek Green Rankings of 500 U.S.-based publicly traded companies.  This represents a substantial jump from Newsweek’s last ranking in 2012.  Earlier this year, Monsanto ranked No. 37 on the Corporate Knights’ 2014 … Full Article »

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A Better World for Our Children: World Environment Day 2014 Featured Article

By Gabriela Burian
Global Lead, Sustainable Agriculture Environment

If you have kids, like me, you’re probably concerned about their future. And doing everything that you feel is possible to help them to have a better world. Today is the World Environment Day, a good opportunity for reflection and perfect timing to reinforce environment causes that we care about.

Just as every child deserves access to nutritious food, every generation deserves a planet with enough resources to meet their needs. I feel blessed to be in a position to work toward both of these important goals, at a company that … Full Article »

Where Do You Work? Part III Featured Article

By Brendan Hinchey
Corn Transformation Team

Well, I am still out there, facing outward even a little more, and still trying the live the “I work for Monsanto mantra.”  And in the last if the “Where do you work?” trilogy, I wanted to share a short story that shows how it can go full circle.

Last weekend was a bit of an event in Mystic, Connecticut, as March Against Monsanto got some coverage and over passionate 100 protesters.  And on Memorial Day weekend, should we assume they didn’t make the cut for the family cookout?  The Saturday protest got a … Full Article »


Lettuce Talk About Salad Featured Article

By Carly Scaduto
Monsanto Vegetables Division

With National Salad Month in full swing, it’s time to explore the most important part of any salad – the leafy greens. Rich in fiber, calcium, potassium and vitamins C and K, it’s no wonder fresh lettuce is the key to a hearty salad.

Lettuce offers many nutritional benefits and is full of flavor, without any calorie-induced guilt. In fact, leafy greens are credited with lowering the risk of heart disease, improving bone health and aiding the digestive system.

The most common leafy green varieties are iceberg, romaine and spinach. While all varieties offer … Full Article »


Keeping Your Salad Safe and Tasty: Proper Care of Your Salad Ingredients Featured Article

By Wendy Reinhardt Kapsak, MS, RDN
Monsanto Vegetables Division

Wendy Kapsak Reinhardt

As the weather warms up, my family tends to switch up our meal routine by skipping the stovetop and instead, going for more produce. One of our favorite summer entrees is a colorful, hearty salad brimming with fruits and vegetables. Each week, the three kids and I scamper through the supermarket’s produce aisle and load up on our favorite vegetables – from crisp leafy greens to snackable tomatoes and sweet corn. We also look forward to seasonal fruits including peaches and strawberries – some flavorful favorites!

One … Full Article »


What Monsanto’s Attic Says About Our People Featured Article

One of the more unusual parts of my job at Monsanto is managing the corporate archives. I have some help here – the archives are catalogued, sorted and stored at a local university in St. Louis. But most of what lands in the archives passes through my office, and my office often resembles an estate sale before the sales agent has everything organized.

At times I feel like I’m working in Monsanto’s attic.

Family members of deceased retirees often bring envelopes and boxes of materials for the archives, and sorting through them and determining what gets stored is often an … Full Article »