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Beyond the Rows is a Monsanto Company blog focused on one of the world’s most important industries, agriculture. Monsanto employees write about Monsanto’s business, the agriculture industry, and the farmer.
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Monsanto in the (Fake) News Featured Article

By Charla Lord

Wanna good laugh?  Who doesn’t, really? Wandering the cubes of Monsanto, you may find one or two employees sharing the meme of the day or the latest viral video. Finding something funny online is easy.  But when a joke is written as if it’s a news story, it can be hard to know when to laugh.

You’ve read their headlines, clicked on the articles and maybe even sent them on to friends. Stories from online fake news outlets are designed to give us something so entertaining or outrageous that tweets fly about it and we will all flood … Full Article »

Intern in the South Featured Article

By Guy V., Student Ambassador & Summer Intern

A suitcase, a pair of boots, a hat and a plane ticket are all I have needed for my task way down south in Lubbock, Texas. This is my home for the next twelve weeks, and I aspire to build  strong relationships with the local farmers. I was told as soon as I got here that if I say, “ya’ll” and remember to say, “yes sir” and “yes ma’am”, I would do just fine and fit right in. Adding in just a touch of a southern accent doesn’t hurt too!

I am … Full Article »

Panorama is Right about GMOs: There Shouldn’t Be “Sides” When It Comes to Helping Farmers Featured Article

By Mark Buckingham
Monsanto Europe

On June 8, the BBC program, Panorama, aired a show on GMOs, or genetically modified organisms, titled, “GM Food: Cultivating Fear.” The 30-minute program took an in-depth look at the various points of view on GMOs. The show was balanced, providing commentary on both sides of the topic from farmers, scientists and non-governmental organizations.

We applaud the efforts of Panorama to provide both points of view. As a Monsanto employee, I’m excited for the new way our company is approaching how we communicate: we are committed to being a part of the … Full Article »

The Success of St. Louis Is an Important Part of Our Success Featured Article

By Melissa Harper,
Vice President Global Talent Acquisition and Chief Diversity Officer

At Monsanto, we see the success of St. Louis as an important part of our company’s success.

Today Monsanto is a truly global business, with more than 400 facilities in nearly 60 countries on six continents. But our roots are right here in St. Louis. And for more than 5,400 of us, St. Louis isn’t just our headquarters – it’s our chosen hometown. Either we were born and raised here, or we came here from somewhere else – and now we can’t imagine living anywhere else.… Full Article »

An Office With a View Featured Article

By Andy F., Student Ambassador & Summer Intern

Out scouting corn in Lincoln, DE

The life of an intern is full of surprises at every turn. We are taught from our first days at orientation that to succeed at Monsanto we need to have agility – to be able to adapt quickly to what is laid before us. I learned the importance of this last year during my first internship with the company and was excited to get back to the fast paced life of a summer intern.

As a Missouri native, my first few weeks here in Pennsylvania have … Full Article »

Student Ambassador Intern Program Kicks Off; Students Will Blog on Their Experience Featured Article

By Angela P., Global Talent Acquisition

Summer is in full swing at Monsanto! We are excited to have 154 summer interns majoring in a wide range of academic programs working at our World Headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri, and at sites across the U.S.  Our twelve-week internship program is uniquely designed to provide a quality hands-on educational experience across more than twenty business areas as we develop Monsanto’s next generation of talented leaders.

Of the 154 summer interns, eight have been selected this year as Student Ambassadors who will represent the company on their college campuses throughout the upcoming … Full Article »

Monsanto’s Plant Breeders Play Matchmaker

By Brandie Piper
Monsanto Corporate Engagement

Matchmakers have a long history of pairing together two people who complement each other in the hopes of fostering a relationship. The process is similar for plant breeders and the crops they study.

Like matchmakers, the goal of plant breeders is to bring together the two plants best-suited for each other so they can produce offspring with the best characteristics of both. The resulting offspring are called hybrids or varieties, depending on the crop. At Monsanto, our plant breeders play matchmaker every day to all types of crops such as corn, soybeans, peppers, … Full Article »

Meet Jennifer, Monsanto’s Latest Life Saver Featured Article

Each year, Monsanto provides Global Safety and Ethics Awards to recognize employees whose personal character positively impacts their communities. As part of these awards, we acknowledge a special group of employees who have saved lives in emergency situations.

Jennifer is one of these employees, who in 2014 was one of four recipients of Monsanto’s Actively Caring Life Saver Award.

Jennifer, Regional Business Director, Woonsocket, South Dakota

Q: Tell us what you did in order to earn the Actively Caring Life Saver Award?

A: I saved a colleague’s life by performing the Heimlich Maneuver.

Q: What can you tell us about Full Article »

Why Safety? Why Me? Featured Article

By Kayleigh GrayResearch Associate

In 2008 the Winnipeg Police Service embarked on a public education program specific to reducing speed.  Each year they develop a new public service announcement demonstrating the consequences of driving beyond the speed limit.  This past year the concept was a direct comparison of the results of a collision at two different speeds. A Monsanto employee participated in this program. This is her story.

I cannot pinpoint my exact age, let alone the exact moment when safety became truly important to me, but I do know I was very young.

Today I am not … Full Article »

Reflections from a FIRST® Robotics Team Mentor Featured Article

Recently, more than 18,000 students from around the world traveled to St. Louis to participate in the annual FIRST® (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Championship. All four FIRST programs support STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education through immersing students in real-world engineering experiences. At the most advanced level of the competition is the FIRST Robotics Championship (FRC®) for Grades 9 through 12; guided by professional mentors, students develop game-playing robots that compete against one another in various challenges.

Over the years, Monsanto has continued to sponsor FIRST-participating teams, with our employees regularly stepping up to … Full Article »