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Monsanto Earns 2nd Consecutive Digital Edge Award for Innovative IT, Supply Chain Practices

Monsanto has been named a 2017 Digital Edge 50 award winner for its initiative, “Securing Our Food Supply through Modernization of Hybrid Seed Production.” The global effort spans Monsanto’s supply chain and IT departments to integrate the company’s various platforms – from research to production to the commercial teams – connecting processes and systems to advance Monsanto’s field and facility practices around the world.

“The complexity and scale of the initiatives in the Digital Edge 50 show how quickly organizations are progressing to the next phase of digital transformation,” said Anne McCrory, Digital Edge program chair and Group VP, Customer … Full Article »

Monsanto responds to flawed study by Samsel claiming glyphosate in vaccines

by Dan Goldstein, MD, Pediatrician & Toxicologist; & Scientific Affairs Lead, Monsanto

Anthony Samsel and the activist group Moms Across America have suggested recently that glyphosate is found in vaccines. Nothing from Anthony Samsel’s results provides reliable evidence that glyphosate is present in vaccines. Everything that regulatory agencies and credible scientists know about glyphosate tells us this outcome is extremely unlikely. Unfortunately, such sensational allegations only serve to spark unwarranted fear and confusion and make finding reliable information much more difficult. In this post, I will discuss how this accusation is not credible by looking into the science behind the … Full Article »

Monsanto Statement on Reports Alleging Illegal Dicamba Use Featured Article

by Miriam Paris, U.S. Soybean Marketing Manager

At Monsanto, we focus on bringing farmers a broad range of solutions to help them sustainably grow their crops. Increasingly, our aim is to develop solutions that are integrated and complementary. We are working in the areas of plant breeding, biotechnology, data science and chemistry to bring farmers products and services that work together as a system to help farmers achieve their best possible harvest.

Earlier this year, we introduced part of a new system for soybeans called Roundup Ready 2 Xtend®, after a similar launch for cotton in 2015 that was successful. … Full Article »

A Summer At 6,000 Feet

By Russell J., Mechanical Project Engineer Intern

Growing up in Iowa, surrounded by cornfields, I never imagined that I would be working in agriculture in the middle of the Rocky Mountains, at 6,000 feet above sea level! However, that is exactly what I found myself doing as I packed up my car and headed across the country to Soda Springs, Idaho.





The importance of agriculture for today’s society is unmistakable. As the population grows, we find ourselves in need of producing more crops using the same amount of land. A commitment to sustainability and an effort to … Full Article »

Midwest Meets West Texas

By Raechel D., Cotton Production Intern and Student Ambassador

This summer, I was given the opportunity to move nearly twelve hours from home and dive into the world of cotton production in Aiken, Texas. Prior to this summer, I knew very little about cotton as a crop and even less about its production process. Growing up in central Missouri on a row crop and cattle farm, I never had the chance to see cotton grow. I knew that this would be a summer full of surprises and valuable learning experiences—and it has not disappointed.

Walking into my role as a … Full Article »

Exploring the Next Food Revolution

By Mike Frank, Vice President, Chief Commercial Officer

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend the Aspen Ideas Festival – an annual event where smart minds in a lot of different fields get together to work on the big challenges facing the planet.

One of these challenges – and the one I personally am focused on – is how to feed a growing world while using fewer resources. As you might imagine, there are a lot of different ideas about how to do that, and a lot of questions. How can we reduce agriculture’s carbon footprint? And in turn, … Full Article »

Monsanto Demonstrates Inclusion of LGBT Community

Carlos Guzmán, North America Procurement Lead

As a gay employee, I have been transparent with previous employers about my sexuality. But, I never felt comfortable enough to put a picture of my husband and me on my desk without fearing a negative response from coworkers or the possibility of being limited for career opportunities. That feeling changed when I started working at Monsanto in 2012.

Prior to accepting Monsanto’s job offer, I researched the company’s commitment to inclusion and diversity. That’s how I learned about Encompass, Monsanto’s business resource network for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) employees and their … Full Article »

Ideas Shaping Our Lives and Our Plates

By Robb Fraley, Monsanto Chief Technology Officer

Next week, the annual Aspen Ideas Festival opens in Aspen, Colorado. The Festival attracts a unique mix of thought leaders for conversations on a wide range of topics, but, one topic in particular has brought Monsanto to the table as a sponsor: The Future of Food: Our Planet, Our Plates.

We at Monsanto are dedicated to helping provide the world’s farmers with the tools they need to ensure people everywhere have access to a balanced meal today and in the future. Everyone agrees we need to produce food more sustainably: growing more food … Full Article »

Addressing the Headline: Iowa Political Cartoonist Fired

On Monday, May 2, 2016 the Des Moines Register published this article: Cartoonist says his work got him axed. The article highlights a facebook post in which Rick Friday claims he was let go from his job after an agriculture company depicted in a political cartoon threatened to pull advertising from the publication.

As a company that values conversation and transparency we reached out to Rick Friday. Here was our reply:


We just wanted to reach out and reiterate that we value open discourse and conversation. We also believe that a little humor and the ability to laugh Full Article »

Monsanto statement: Once again, EPA concludes that glyphosate does not cause cancer

As part of its ongoing registration review of the herbicide glyphosate, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has determined that glyphosate is “Not Likely to be Carcinogenic to Humans.”  (The agency posted the CARC assessment to its website on Friday, April 29, but removed it on Monday, May 2, without explanation. We are directing questions about the removal to the EPA. A copy of the report is available on the Bloomberg website here.)

The EPA is the third regulator to publish its conclusion that glyphosate is not a carcinogen as part of a registration review since the International Agency … Full Article »